More ammos for Pakatan from UMNO?

This was reported in Bernama on the 13th February 2008. Although it is a short one, but there some key points in this report. The report sounded like this:

PENANG, Feb 13 (Bernama) — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng labelled the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) that spoke out against Pakatan Rakyat (PR) with regard to the Perak political crisis, as Umno’s allies.

The DAP secretary general also accused Umno of raising racial sentiments for their own party’s political benefit.

“Why should we react to Umno’s allies?,” asked Lim referring to claims by Malay NGOs that opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had turned a blind eye towards what was happening in the Perak political scene.

The report also urged Anwar to apologise to the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah and the people of Perak because he was the mastermind behind the move to oppose the ruler.

Lim who refused to elaborate further said only Anwar would be able to answer such accusations.

“Since the NGOs had raised the issue against Anwar, it would only be right for him to speak of the issue,” he said.

Asked whether DAP President Karpal Singh’s criticism on Anwar would affect the support of Malays towards Pakatan Rakyat, Lim said if anybody was angry, it was Umno because PR or Karpal are not at fault.

Lim said the issue of Karpal summoning the Sultan of Perak does not arise as Karpal, as a lawyer, had merely stated the provision in the law that was actually instituted by Umno.

If anybody was at fault, it was Umno, blame Umno for allowing such a law in the first place. We had only raised what was provided for in the law. Karpal did not summon the Sultan, did he? he asked.

He added that PR’s decision was to summon the new Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir to court.


With this press statement alone, I guess it is crystal clear that every little bad things happened, the tendency of UMNO’s name to get involved is ridiculously high. Even the funniest part is Karpal’s criticism against DSAI also being put on UMNO. Cheeky indeed.

However, here me this. UMNO has been in its worst state ever. Even the wrong doings is not at UMNO’s fault, UMNO will be associated with. Remember ex-ADUN in Kedah, V. Arumugam’s resignation? It was first rumours, which turned out to be true within hours. Interesting part of the follow up news, it was reported by Harakah that Arumugam faces threats and bribe offer of RM 5 million.  Even DSAI himself told Rakyat that UMNO was responsible. However, some of us hear other version of story. Resignation caused by non-political factor. Which one is true? I do not know. To add worse story build up, even though DSAI initiated the idea of party hopping, UMNO took the fall by Dato’ Nasa’s action by double hopping.

Why do the bad things being associated to UMNO? Corruption, disappearing leaders, threats etc. Why? Since when UMNO has become a mob type of organisation? Since when UMNO has become a “Michael Corleone’s organisation”?

I would agree with JMD that all these are somekind of brilliat strategy (and the JMD’s article translation can be viewed here), but I would like to add up more to the cause that contribute the strategy to be more effectively working out – some of the UMNO members’ antics and attitude. I say “some” because I believe there are numbers of decent UMNO members who acts for rakyat and acted professionally, be it as member or leader.

(ODS Note: The following will be sounded as if I am anti-KJ or anti Khir Toyo, but I’m not. I’m taking it as examplry and you can read the follow-up events, be it in kind of news, or in kind of comments. And perhaps, with this article published, I’m expecting to get bashing from some.)

Ok, here goes…

Previously, I wrote “PAS is stronger without Pakatan“, which in this very article, I mentioned two salient points: – a pattern changes in PAS attitude and approaches and PAS supporters’ attitude towards leaders not in one’s favour.

Name Calling

They used to “kafir”ing UMNO (even though now PR mentioned BN is a zionis type..but who give the label? DSAI, right?) and name calling UMNO leaders. UMNO, on the other hand, who used to be not practising name calling, started using name calling campaign. Why? No effective ideas anymore? UMNO used to hate the name calling, but I do not know since when this name calling has become part of strategy campaign. If I am a PR member, I will gladly say UMNO is hypocrite if needed to (like what happen right now whereby PR “reminding” rakyat on the “natang” case in Terengganu last year).

Humiliation towards own leader(s)

PAS, in my point of view, do not humiliate their own leaders. I hardly find any blogs, postings or articles PAS supporters humiliating other PAS leaders, even not in their favours. Please find at least few to prove me wrong. UMNO members, on the other hand, in order to make sure their prefered leader, will slaughter and humiliate who ever is/are against their preferred leader. The rule of “no fair game in war and love” applies here. As long as their preferred leader win the intended post, nothing else matters. At first, I mentioned at Dato Sak’s that you can glorify your preferred leader, but not too high (as I was thinking the higher you jump, the harder you fall), but then, hmm..up to you to glorify him, even you praise him till reach the moon. However, the latter I still stressing that one should not humiliate other leaders. Why? Even if the prefered leader is chosen, he will left to uncredible team of leaders due to dirty warfare within UMNO itself. Even the preferred leader will be open to attacks. In a way, if I am a PR member, I will sit back, relax and enjoy the ammo given by UMNO members. Period!


Enough with PAS related. Next, actions made by some UMNO leader(s) and some of its members.

For the past few weeks in relate to Perak issue, we’ve seen how PR supporters react and eventually majority who attended a rally in front of Istana Perak was PAS supporters. UMNO and some rakyat do not like it. Ironic enough, UMNO do it in response to such rally – they do it themselves! Fighting fire with fire, eh?

I do not know why should UMNO held the rally, really. I do not see other party do the rally. Where’s MCA, MIC, DAP and even PKR? Funny part, UMNO and PAS are the only parties doing the rally (I say PAS only due to I can only see serbans..if not just PAS, I stand corrected). I guess, I have to agree with Dato Ti on this – Melayu, Politik tak henti-henti. The second funny part is, KJ managed to do a rally, but none was arrested but Khir Toyo, on the other hand meet with failure. In the run for KP post, KJ seemed to be having the advantage with the Khir Toyo’s failure. However, I stand corrected when DAP Youth lodge a police report on KJ’s rally. So, 1-1, except for Dato Mukhriz. The PR’s argument do make sense in a way. Why should be double standard on rallies done. If it is illegal by law, one should not above all. So, if I am a PR member, I will ask the rakyat, where’s UMNO leader(s) head’s at? And certainly I will get some nod from rakyat. More ammos!

And now, some of the followers. With PAU is just around the corner, there are firey posts and blogs commenting on the upcoming event. Of course, some posts will meet unhealthy provocation, and unfortunately meet by unhealthy answers. Obviously, you can find easy provocation and unhealthy anwers in some KJ supporting postings. Some even trying to bring down TDM. Funny, TDM is not in the race, just his son. Why should the father being dragged along? Second funny part is, they will tell Pak Lah issue is not relevant.

Ok, here’s the catch. As I mentioned by my comments in Dato’ Sak’s blog, these supporters indirectly carry out the face and crediblity of their preferred leader(s). Even if their leader is a world class standard, by unprofessional and unhealthy answers will bring down the leader along with them. Secondly, with you trying to drag down TDM, who has served the nation with some success, you have showed a negative value – ungrateful. Every PM in Malaysia has their own values, even questionable Pak Lah. Some supporters can bring headache to some leaders. Supporters should bring more advantage to their leader and make their boss look good, not vice versa. If I am a PR member, I will say to rakyat, see, UMNO members do not appreciate any of their past leaders and see how unprofessional they are. Is this what you want as leaders? Is the leader (who ever it maybe) a world class standard?

With these few points, as mentioned, if I am a PR member, I will use these to bring down UMNO. And the best part is – supplied by UMNO!

Ondastreet opinion – no one is perfect, but at least to win, minimise your risks to be attacked; not just taking advantage on opponents weaknesses.


3 thoughts on “More ammos for Pakatan from UMNO?

  1. ODS,

    To show their support towards Raja2 melayu, the Pemuda UMNO can:

    1. organise a rally to gain rakyat’s support
    2. organise an online-petition
    3. submit memorandum to the palace
    4. do nothing
    5. sit down in front of laptop and blogging
    6. etc

    There is no right or wrong answer and I believe each option has its own risks and benefits.
    In this world, high risk high return.

    As a leader, they have to make decision and live with the risks associated with it. If they want to play safe all the time, then better for them to sit at home and watch tv or blogging.

    My first two cents.

    ODS: Thank you BP-KL-KTN for visiting my blog. First two cents? Am I expecting more from you? I hope so, as I need opinions to ponder and think..of course, before we can act! Haha 😀

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