My Malaysia: Two Elephants and RAKYAT

It has been quite sometime since the UMNO AGM ended (sounds as if years already..hahah). Colorful stories were gathered throughout the AGM, with some hopeful, unexpected, questionable result. Lucky it was not done like AF7 last weekend where SMS votes did not help Zizi and Rubisa to stay in the academy. Or else, I guess it would be more shocking, and some may got heart attacks (or multiple heart attacks).

We are “living” the unwritten Die Hard v4.0 in our own version. In Die Hard v4.0, main part of the story evolves around an action plan called “fire sale” carried out by someone who said to be acting for the country and the people of United States of America.

Fire sale, accroding to wikipedia can be defined as “the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcy or other impending distress. The term may originally have been based on the sale of goods at a heavy discount due to fire damage. A fire sale may or may not be a closeout, the final sale of goods to zero inventory.”

A firesale may come in whatever way suited to action plan or strategized plan. It may come in form of sales, information system or perhaps political system.

From my perspective, I see the reflection of the story to what is happening to us. JMD has written “Pakatan Rakyat- Kill with a Borrowed Knife“. This is one of the elements that can be used if someone wishes to adopt the “fire sale” startegy for his, her, or their own objectives. Seems, “fire sale” has started in Malaysia, by our own politicians, be it from Barisan or Pakatan.

Malaysian political scene has become considerably uncertain since GE12 last year. It was shocking indeed for Barisan to lose 4 states, which adding up to 5 under Pakatan’s control. Although reality check is Barisan still left with 8 states and 1 Federal government, Pakatan claimed they have won and Barisan lose. Well, as much as Pakatan love to quote USA’s Presidential Campaign, they have failed to adopt USA way of respecting people’s choice. After Obama won, I can’t see any fuss from his opponents camp on Obama’s victory. McCain respected majority of USA’s choice despite having majority win in some of the states. He let Obama do his job for the sake of USA.

However here in Malaysia, some people failed to respect that. When it was supposed both Barisan and Pakatan do their job managing their new area of responsibilities, the fight and power struggle still continues. Pakatan pushed for more, they claimed they have the rakyat’s trust (which portion of rakyat? 100%? 75%? 50%? 25%?), while Barisan acting as if they are in control by result of 2004 GE (which they don’t!).

The power struggle became worse with the death and resignation of MPs, which eventually Barisan lose both. This has made Pakatan became more aggresive and Barisan unfortunately still daydreaming. Pakatan never stopped working, both in physical and virtual world. Barisan? Acting as if they are the passive opposition.

Barisan (and Pakatan) bloggers chewing up UMNO stories, which in a way supplies more ammo to Pakatan. The best part is, the one which letting all the bad stories out came from Pemuda. In running for KP post, seems bad stories filling up the air. Well, most of them were on Khairy (or KJ?) and Khir Toyo. Attacks on Mukhriz were merely because he is son of Tun Mahathir. Although youngsters (Pemuda) always being synonym with hot headed and being young blood, but these Pemuda seems willing to go across the borders in order for the candidate they support to win. As a result, even though Khairy won, Pemuda UMNO is the only saf that still has gaps. Do you ever hear noises over other UMNO posts coming from UMNO members themselves after the AGM???

These two elephants (Barisan and Pakatan) has caused rakyat more in uncertainty with this “everlasting GE12”. For the sake of Rakyat, please stop all this political nonsense and start do ACTUAL JOB in making sure rakyat’s welfare is taken care off. Act as Yang Berkhidmat, not Yang Berhormat but do not know how to act for Rakyat!

Whatever the outcome of this 3 by-elections, I just hope things will get better. Malaysia already has the sixth Prime Minister along with new cabinet of ministers. Barisan and Pakatan of course with 8 and 5 states each to rule and control. To all MPs and ADUNs, I as one of normal Malaysian, wishing all of you to carry out your job as representative of Rakyat of your area as you should be. No more too much politicking please.

To Dato Seri Najib, please lead us to be in a better state. Dato Seri Anwar, please respect the OTHER RAKYAT’s choice. If you still want to be the next PM, insyaAllah, if Allah permits, you get there. If some bought by the idea of RAHMAN theory, there are still some other alphabets that follows – “A”, “L”, “H” , “A”, and “J”.

We have gone through the darkness of look alike endless power struggle of stupid politicians, not acting as leaders as they should. Just hoping dawn around the corner in moment that is not far from us…

Hopes on the street: Enough politicking..the RAKYAT are suffering!!!

ODS Note: Whatever the result tomorrow, remember, two of the areas were in the hands of Pakatan gained in GE12 last year. Should Barisan lose, for me, it’s back to square one. So, my dear leaders, MPs and ADUNs, carry out your responsibilty as leaders as you should. No more monkeying around.



3 thoughts on “My Malaysia: Two Elephants and RAKYAT

  1. Salam ODS,

    Whenever the situation out there is too hot to handle I’d come here as this place is a sanctuary in the world of virtual reality.

    I’ve been to many blog pages of both supporters. The reports, allegations, accusations, and also the language used somehow make me think is it worth a fighting. I knew I did the same whenever KJ is concerned, but I tried my best to stay away from obscene language and fresh allegations. I simply wanted to make it become humour.

    This power struggle is gonna last long. I guess the moment this fighting is over there’s nothing left for us.

    Keep our finger crossed, and whatever happens – WE’LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

    ODS: Salam & thank you Mr Singh for dropping by.

    Realizing it is too hot in the blogosphere (and reality), that is why I sit back, relax and think on all this fuss, all this power struggle efforts and where does it leads us. Weaknesses are too obvious at both ends, and seems both are too “stupid” not to sit back, relax, and minimize the weaknesses for the sake of rakyat.

    This goes to both of Barisan and Pakatan. Both use “rakyat” in their fight..but do they really think about rakyat??? it like we used to see crazy people who do not admit his/she is crazy? haha

  2. Hi Ondastreet,
    Seems that PAS won big in Bukit Gantang and PKR won in Bukit Selambau. Any comments, mine is that we need to get the Youth vote, but for some strange reason, UMNO looked to the past when they should be looking to the future.

    Lucky, we won in Batang Ai.

    Hopefully DS Najib learns a lesson or 2 from this.

    ODS: Thank you Wenger for dropping by.

    At this point of time (I’m writing this), yes, unlikely Barisan will win in these bukits. As I mentioned, if Barisan should lose, we are back at square one prior to these 3 by-elections. Sorry to say, I have no high hopes on Barisan winning those two Bukits. It would be a shocker or something to me if Barisan wins. Reasons? For me, no need to discuss as we have been feed too much with politicking with less work done.

    I’m more interested in the MPs and ADUNs do their job in propering rakyat and lead us through the hard time we are having. 🙂

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    ODS: Thank you aftab, no thanks. I’m just an ordanary people on the street of Malaysia, asking for political leaders turned to be leaders by responsibility and trust given by rakyat to do their job. 🙂

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