Tun Mahathir Quitting UMNO… AGAIN: When We Will Stop??

Today, Tun Mahathir announced to quit UMNO… again.

And his announcement is widely discussed, be it in positive manner or negative. It could be either:

  • To DS Najib’s supporter, it is a good riddance;
  • To Tun M supporter, UMNO better watch out

In my view, yes, some may say Tun M’s exit for the second time may not be relevant. And for some, it is easier to deal with those opposing DS Najib as the chances of those following the footsteps of Tun M is there.

The thing is…

As much as I am surrounded by people discussing these two “directions” and their reasons, I have yet to see discussions in these perspectives:

  • How does rakyat see this, in a neutral point of view? Is by Tun M quitting makes UMNO a better party?
  • How the Opposition sees this.. as opportunity or they will sit back and relax? How can UMNO without Tun M can pave way for them to be in Putrajaya?

Tun M has his own reasons why he is not agreeable with some of DS Najib’s actions.

DS Najib also has his own reasons why he is not listening to all Tun Mahathir’s advices.

To be honest, I do not like what I have seen and heard for months. I was hoping for reconciliation between DS Najib and Tun Mahathir, a reconciliation that ends political warfare within BN so that government of the day can have more focus on improvising the life of Malaysians.

We have been in political mode since 2008, ever since BN did not perform in GE 2008. It is more unfortunate that we have been trapped in this mode due to world economic condition that have made some of us suffer financially. With government seen as weak, even good initiatives done, be it under Tun Abdullah or even current PM, DS Najib is seen as “insignificant” by some, especially the urbanites.

Considering that we have been in politically unstable, I do wonder…be it BN platform or BN’s opposition (be it PH or PR), how can we move forward during the world is coping with economics situation? While the rest of the world strive to make a better living embracing difficult times, we are stuck with political mode since 2008.

Yes, when we will stop this political mode? When can we start to really work to make better living?

Question on the street: So? What’s next?

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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