DS Najib and DS Anwar…What’s next?

For the past few days, my e-mails and my ear has been hearing talks, discussions, debates and assumptions on Malaysian political scene. I guess, for political analyst, they will take the results of these 3 by-elections (even right now in ASTRO AWANI and BERNAMA TV) and make their own assessments and give their piece of mind of what had happened, hopes and fear of rakyat. You will get your stats, the difference, the percentage, the analysis of the outcome these 3 by-elections. We will be stuffed with numbers and figures as predictions before these 3 by elections. Well, all the best with the stats and analysis.

As for a plain layman on the street, I, as one of the millions of Malaysians, wish the candidates of these 3 by elections congratulations and good luck in carrying out the responsibilties and trust given by the rakyat. 3 party won today in the by elections, 2 coalition won (even though 1 for Barisan and 2 for Pakatan) and back to what have been held prior to the death and resignation of respective holder of the areas involved. Batang Ai was BN and still is; Bukit Gantang was PAS, and still is; and Bukit Selambau was PKR’s and still is. So, basically, no different than before. Since the last GE, technically, Barisan only lose one MP to Pakatan/PAS, and Pakatan lose 3 to Bebas.

And, as one of normal Malaysians on the street, I am hoping that starting tomorrow, all MPs, ADUNs, leaders from all level, be it Barisan or Pakatan, please do your job and carry out responsibilities as you should. Kindly stop your politicking and stop being a politician for a while until next GE. Be a leader as you supposed to be. Set examples to rakyat and opposition (to each, Pakatan to Barisan or Barisan to Pakatan) on how things should be done for rakyat. No more only talk, but no work, or talk more, work less or little work, but talk cock. Rakyat need you to do your job.

To Dato Seri Najib, set your cabinet well, and lead us from front. To Dato Seri Anwar, be a good opposition leader. No more fooling on toppling government before next GE. You have been there in the government before, and you had your chance. Let Najib and government do their job for the RAKYAT. Please respect the Rakyat’s choice. Please….

Well, it is just my hopes and dreams… and perhaps some more on the streets in Malaysia..but what’s lingering on Najib and Anwar, I do not know..

So, Dato Seri Najib and Dato Seri Anwar..what’s next??? Work for rakyat or more power struggle?


2 thoughts on “DS Najib and DS Anwar…What’s next?

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