2015 In OnDaStreet’s Review

Yes, as much we were having fiery headlines throughout the year on nearly every single day, this blog have not put in thoughts that much. For one, yes, I was busy, the same as last year (in which I think that I did not write that much also in 2014).. the same as previous years… well..

To be honest, at times throughout these late two years (or most of the times), I have lost the will to write down my thoughts. Not because I don’t have what to say, to contribute to a better cause.. it is more, I don’t think I am contributing to make things much more positive.

A few days ago, while attending a job interview (arranged for the third time because I failed to turn up due to current work commitment), one of the panels asked of my opinion on current issues and how I see things. For those who have met me, my answer in principal for the panel has remain the same.

My answer to the panel (in principal):

“Things have been too much political, even for the non-political matters, ever since 2008 and getting worse after GE13. Be it BN or PR (or now PH), both are having hard times to carry out plans that maybe good for the rakyat and for the economy but could be politically adverse. Therefore, good decisions might not be carried out because both are having trouble to satisfy us, the rakyat who seems to be expert in all of issues and matters.

The worse part is, we, the rakyat, currently are not able to respect and handle in differing opinions, as each divide acting like knowing things better. Therefore, how can either, being currently in power, be brave enough to carry out good decision for long term benefit other than being afraid to lose in the next election?”

Of course, in my verbal answer, I quoted how Federal government having hard time to implement whatever plans, especially for the rural when some of those living in the urban area “crying” as if they are victimised, and so do when Selangor government has to deal with sorts of things, inclusive of water deal.

With few hours to go, 2015 has been majorly highlight for:

  1. 1MDB
  2. GST implementation
  3. pro DS Najib vs pro Tun Dr Mahathir
  4. oil price (and subsidy)
  5. Ringgit positioning

Yes, along the way there were such other issues, such as:

  1. stupid statements by political figures (including ministers),
  2. DAP vs PAS,
  3. fall of Pakatan Rakyat,
  4. PAN rises, formation of Pakatan Harapan,
  5. Harimau Malaya
  6. hudud and
  7. TPPA,

but it is not majorly discussed over time and time again throughout the year. Some of the topics appear now and then, but not as frequent as the 5 listed earlier.

Yes, based on general economic indicator, we are doing not that bad. Truthfully, yes, things are bad, but not that bad.

For some, yes, they lose their job when oil price went down. But hey, when they were in good times, they were the ones who gained more and not complaining when RON95 went up (because they earn good bucks). However, for those non oil & gas industry related, some continued in struggle. And much, as much as GST in theory should reduce some cost of living, it went up due to greed of some.

Speaking of greed, some things never change. Throughout the year, we could see some increase their price in whatever reason they can give. Among of the reasons given to justify such hike:

  1. Oil price went up
  2. Minimum wage
  3. government staff got bonus
  4. Festive season

and amazingly, when the same reason went the other way, suddenly it was difficult to adjust back the price.

For 2016, I think 1MDB issue will continue to dominate the news. The next hot stuff will be TPPA as we will see and understand what has actually being agreed. Similar to GST, the effect might be different from what the government has expected.

My hope for 2016?

For one, I am hoping we stop all these nonsense of making nearly everything political. How can we move forward when we keep on stumbling on issues that has to be made political. Can we be more objective?

Secondly, I want to see government, be it Federal or State, even the GLCs, beef up their public relation communication. In my view, please prepare necessary communication based on worst case (yes, not worse) scenario. At the very least, the government of the day does not look dumb and trying to fool the rakyat.

Thirdly, I am hoping we as rakyat, we really can be a developed society, practice what we preach. For example, if you believe in freedom of speech, please respect others’ freedom of speech? Can we walk the talk?

Well, 2016 might be another topsy turvy year. Be prepared as much as storm is coming globally, there is opportunities in every situation, as some could make fortune when things seems to be bad in the past.

No pain, no gain. Stand up and strive!

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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