Johor Ruler: Single stream education system the way to improve language skills

Peace be upon the readers of this article and blog.

An “interesting” topic to start my day, in which a rare day to re-starting to write after it has been a very quite a while – an excerpt of interview by The Star (click link for full context of the article) on single stream education system, in which this blog has stand firm on “Satu Sekolah” idea.

It was said that the Johor Ruler touches on the importance of English as part of single stream education, whereby the need of a “neutral ground”. The English schools were the neutral ground back then, where all races and ethnics attended for their education.

Considering that we have now “Sekolah Kebangsaan”, whereby it should be the “neutral ground” for all, there is a place, a common ground where all can be in one.

However, of course, it was said that the level of English education taught in Sekolah Kebangsaan is not as proficient as those taught in SJKs. So, why not adopting and assimilate what has been good in the SJKs syllabus and teaching method into the Sekolah Kebangsaan? Is it that complicated? Or is it “politically complicated”?

As suggested by the Johor Ruler:

No one should politicise education and health issues. I am worried for the education standards in this country. Please wake up!

And importantly, as I have said this before, it  is vital also in providing a base for transformation and high-income nation and strong structure to support. Therefore, it is not just about having millions of job opportunities, but preparing the people or rakyat to fit in and perform in the market place is equally important.

Question on the street: How will 2016 unfold for us?

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