#CabinetReshuffle: Good or Bad? (An Illusive Truce)

A day before the Cabinet reshuffle, I wrote an open letter, asking for truce between DS Najib’s and Tun Dr Mahathir’s supporter. I made it clear few things, including that I don’t think there was a need for DS Najib to step down, and suggestions on 1MDB matter.

However, looking at such development pre and post announcement, I am convinced that my naïve wish will not be wish come true in near future. Obviously some (not just Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s supporters) were not pleased with the announcement made.

Me? Yes, for some, you can say I am inclined to be not that happy.

However, considering that it has been more than 24 hours since the announcement has been made, plus press conference that has been made by TS Muhyiddin, I would like to take a step back and reflect what has happened, and I do hope, my readers also will do the same.

Is the cabinet reshuffle good or bad?

If we consider the removals and the appointments, many would say it is a bad call, as the removal and appointment lingers the very plutonic cause in the mess we are in right now – 1MDB. Those in not-that-agreement are shown the door, and those in favour, they are welcomed in. And those who are welcomed in the new line up are 4 of those in Public Account Committee (PAC), a committee appointed to investigate few matters, including the very hot issue – 1MDB.

So, it is bad in terms of:

  1. perception (DS Najib is seen trying to cover 1MDB by appointing those investigating 1MDB to be part of his ministers cabinet. He removes those opposed, he brings in those in favour. As much as he remove the negative ones, he plays around with those related with an issue that needs transparency and accountability);
  2. public confidence (the removal is seen as politically motivated, instead of removal to ensure better performance by the government. Ironic enough, when such KPI was introduced and announced under his administration, we are promised there will be some movements to ensure quality performance. For the ministers under performed, he/she will be removed. Only Hassan Malek’s removal is seen as non-performing related… but not Ahmad Maslan)


Yes, indeed TS Muhyiddin and some others commit insubordination, in which not that welcome in critical time and some leadership chain of command.

By such moves, (yes, I am trying to be objective), DS Najib is:

  1. having those who supporting him closer, therefore having a yes-boss team, which can be good at certain situation. Considering that he was Defense Minister once, and some call him for not having the balls, I think he understands that at the moment, he does not want anyone to say NO to him in public;
  2. proving he has balls. So, the Roti Najib (telur) may no longer apply, as he removed his former DPM, in order to install cabinet of ministers that he can control. Yes, he is controlling his ministers, at least.. before, maybe, launching moves to regain confidence from the rakyat (which currently a very much tall order)

We also have to acknowledge that this is not the first time a DPM is being removed from position. We had Tun Musa Hitam, Tun Ghafar Baba and the ever dreamy-to-be-PM, DS Anwar Ibrahim. In total, we have 4 DPMs being removed, in which in my opinion, can’t be compared directly, as each of them were being removed under different situations and circumstances.

Good or bad? Only time will tell.

For now, it looks bad. Yes LOOKS bad. For now, it will be hard for the current line up to carry up their tasks that related with public perception.. especially those linked with 1MDB.

It could be worse if TS Muhyiddin do an “Anwar Ibrahim”. However, I am very much thankful he is doing “Ghafar Baba” approach.

At least, one headache less for DS Najib to think about.


What was in the document again in regards to 1MDB that made most of the ministers and division heads supported DS Najib again (while investigation is still in process)?

Can rakyat have a copy, please? Why can’t we have? Is it because it will temper the on-going investigation? If so, why circulate it behind doors, garnering support saying it is okay, but non-rebutting the accusations made?

What is it in the document?

(And yes, for now, the truce that I hope between pro DS Najib and pro Tun Mahathir remain illusive. Dream on ODS!)

Question on the street: How will you handle disagreement with your boss? What if your staff does not agree with you? What will you do?

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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