An Open Letter For @NajibRazak and Tun Mahathir’s Supporters

Yes, deep inside, I know and aware that I am nobody for any of the two sides to listen, especially the generals, the famous bloggers who have many followers and millions of page hits. I am just an “old” bloke who used to write actively, but nowadays spending the days doing other things.

But here I am, a puny Malaysian on the street, asking, in fact I want to beg for the two sides to stop, for the sake of Malaysia.

Yes, both sides have supporters and readers. What you have written and will say, will be heard and influence the mind of some. Your articles will be copy and pasted by less famous bloggers and keyboard warriors. Your words will be shared and will be used to wage war in small groups of social media such as facebook groups, whatsapp groups, telegram groups etc.

As to part your words will be used by those who opposed the two of them (DS Najib and Tun Dr Mahathir), I will not elaborate about it, under their so called “Freedom of Speech”. I think you get the idea, as it has happened before, and it will happen again. Therefore, I am not worried of what they have pick up and use it for, they are enjoying your show.

Yes, there is possibilities this article will be a “party pooper” for them. Heck I don’t care about them.

But I what do care is, some of you are my friends, be it in real life or just virtually online. Yes, some of you are not asking which sides I am taking, since I have not been active, and I am just a puny blogger, who is nothing compared to you nowadays.

However, it is hurtful for me to see my friends banter over should DS Najib stays or should he go; has Tun Mahathir gone wrong, or was he right. It hurts me more because your words (both sides, especially the intellectual ones) are full with wisdom and conviction.. but both are used in aiming at each other, instead of trying to find solution of peace.

What have gone wrong?

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion. Yes, you have your own mind. And I am pretty much sure, some of you are more than convinced that your side has done nothing wrong, and the other side should start to cease fire first. Dah jadi macam couple yang suruh the other half suruh letak phone tapi tak letak-letak. Gedik gila.

The thing is, day by day, this banter have gone overboard. Some of the supporters of both sides have gone hitting under the belt, in which it has been known NOT a workable strategy even against Pakatan Rakyat in many occasions. In my honest opinion, this act will not just tarnish the side you are supporting, it will tarnish both.

Some of you are just like Labu and Labi.. “ini kepala bapak kau, ini kepala bapak aku.. kalau kau berani, kau pijak la” and when it starts, “oh, kau pijak kepala bapak aku ye, mari aku pula pijak kepala bapak kau” kinda thing.

My question is – do you want your leaders to be remembered for the bad things more than the good things they have done?

And this bring to very beginning I write this article, I fear for the sake of Malaysia.

Yes, by mudslinging, bantering and hitting under the belt, both of sides are showing the ugly sides of Malaysia. What some of us have been doing is like we are showing that we have lack of capable leaders. Enough said with the likes of YB Ahmad Maslan and Pakatan Rakyat jokers quarrelling over Putrajaya dream.. some of us even inadvertently bringing down DS Najib and Tun Dr Mahathir by their arguments.

By your points of view, trying to show how incapable DS Najib is and how bad was Tun Dr Mahathir, do you think you will get more gain and support? With such talent and power you have to influence the mind of Malaysians, are you educating Malaysians to chose based on who is the lesser evil when both are good and capable leaders?

We are in tough times. Focusing the negatives and disregarding the positives won’t push us forward.

Unless by sacrificing DS Najib and/or Tun Dr Mahathir by tarnishing their track record is going to make Malaysians richer day by day, our GDP increases, income per household increases, our buying power are better than ever; I don’t think you are getting us somewhere better.

Does by tarnishing others makes whom you support a better person (or just the same, only the other looks worse)?

Yes, there are grey clouds surrounding 1MDB, which in my view, has been a catalyst used in DSN vs TDM.

So.. 1MDB… Hmm…

Yes, 1MDB matter has been poorly handled. As much as 1MDB have more assets than liability, the consultants of DS Najib may have forgotten than the assets difficult be sold if no one wants to buy, especially with bad reputation flying around. Therefore, if it is hard to be sold and no proper rumours busters being made, I don’t think the market will believe it is those opposing 1MDB to be at fault.

But, it does not mean DS Najib has to step down.

My suggestions are, among others:

  1. Get this 1MDB matter over with NOT by attacking the attackers by character assassination, but counter it with facts (not deny but did not provide what Malaysians can believe);
  2. Publish the fact file of 1MDB that I could see some of my friends share the picture of the front page document online, make it available to the people, as a counter to what The Edge and Sarawak Report have been reporting;
  3. Share what have been briefed in sessions behind doors which resulted pledge of support by ministers, division heads and Pemuda (among others);
  4. 1MDB board and management have to step forward and defend themselves. I rarely see the chairman have to do all the defending but the Managing Director or the CEO just sit quietly in the office. Yes, in other words, get DS Najib out of the picture. What’s the point of appointing those on board and management if DS Najib have to do all the defending?;

 Yes, as much as DS Najib may just need the support of some, it is also imperative that the people are confident with our Prime Minister. With more Malaysians are confident with Prime Minister, the less energy we will spend on arguing in circles that does not benefit Malaysia.

So, I do hope, especially those who have the power to influence the mind of their readers, please, stop this mudslinging. It has been weeks, and I don’t see any improvement. Please, within your power and influence, find a truce, find a common ground to start with.

If DS Anwar (whom you think is worse than you are) could unite the ever differ DAP and PAS (for a while), why won’t you try to work this out? Both sides got intelligent people, whom some are friends with each other.

This is my plea.

This is my open letter to DS Najib’s and Tun Dr Mahathir’s supporters.

This is me, asking, in fact begging for truce between the two sides.

For Malaysia, we end this.

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