@malaymail Have To Edit About Talak Tiga

This is an excerpt of Malay Mail online article:


Talaq ― or talak as it is spelled locally ― is a type of divorce in Islam which provides the man an avenue to initiate a divorce through simply pronouncing the word; if the man pronounces a “third talaq”, he is then prohibited from getting back with his wife again, unless he takes another woman as his wife and then divorces her afterwards before remarrying the first woman.

I think Malay Mail editor might be overlook this one, as according to Islam, a man can remarry his ex-wife whom being divorced by “talak tiga” only after his ex-wife remarry with another man, and divorced.

In malay term, the another man is called “suami cina buta”. Only after the “suami cina buta” guy divorces his ex-wife, then the former husband can remarry his ex-wife.

I hope the editor and the writer are well aware of this, and I do hope it is more like an oversight, rather than just writing without proper knowledge.

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