An Apple Polishing Article For Tun Mahathir (An open letter to Future Prime Minister)

It has been quite some time I have written in this blog. As much as I want to write something, most of the time I would delete what have been written.

Considering that today is the birthday of a living legend Tun Dr Mahathir, I would like to write something that I hope other leaders and future leaders can learn something from him, something that some may have overlook and/or being consumed by such situation.

Yes, Tun Dr Mahathir ain’t perfect. He is still human. He has his flaws. His family also can’t be a PERFECT role model for us. Each and every children of him turns out differently in some way.. because not everything from a father and mother will be shared and continued to their children. The same with us. If we are smart, it does not mean or a guarantee our children will be as smart as us. Same goes to stupidity.

Plus, stupidity is not a disease.

However, looking at how things run since he left the position as our Prime Minister, I hope one can spot one of the obvious that what made Tun Mahathir “protected” in some way, different from Tun Abdullah, DS Anwar and DS Najib (other then the era of social media that Tun did not face in his premiership days).

Yes – he has been seen not living in luxury. He, his wife, his children, his family. None of them being seen living in luxury when he was the Prime Minister, the man in power.

Just look at Tun Abdullah. As much as he has been seen as Mr Clean, his Achilles heel was YB Khairy Jamaluddin. Apart from being seen sleeping on the job (literally),  his son-in-law and his family seen to be living in luxury. Therefore, any accusation or hearsay involving money seen to be true during Tun Abdullah’s premiership.

DS Anwar? Apart from his you-already-know-what-happened-which-I-do-not-care incident with that person, people also can point out how lavish his assets are, even during his Deputy Prime Minister days and even as what more Opposition leader. Where he gets his money also, raising eye-browse, despite he and his supporters trying to divert by showing how lavish the lifestyle of others.

DS Najib? Hahahahaha. Well, the ever famous Rosmah Mansor style and lifestyle has been said way before could be his baggage. Fair enough, it is now a very much very heavy baggage and hard for DS Najib. Even as simple as the ring issue which is not proven she owns it, whereabouts, her spending become an issue and baggage to DS Najib. Of course, this does not include his son and daughter, which came into limelight once or twice, depending on what they do and the opposisition (or even rakyat) wishes to highlight.

Key is – please do not be seen living in luxury, for whatever thoughts of entitlement you think you have. Tun Dr Mahathir did not look like one when he was the Prime Minister.

Therefore, if one wishes to having luxury of time to focus more on pertinent and important issue as Prime Minister, please live as simple as you can be, as close a rakyat can relate to.

Thoughts on the street: Due to current situation, it is normal for people easily to get angry because some are hungry. Therefore, in line with Ramadhan, to understand the poor, please, do understand what have been written.

One thought on “An Apple Polishing Article For Tun Mahathir (An open letter to Future Prime Minister)

  1. Other leaders must learn how to be a great leader. First, he must be not obsessed with power, money and wealth. If a leader fall one of these obsession, then he must be removed or disqualified from being a leader.

    I’m very respect what Tun Mahathir shows us that he can avoid these all obsession. And that characteristic should be taken into acccount when leader to be chosen.

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