The Malaysian Tales of #TopUp #Prepaid #GST

I would like to applause for DS Shabery Cheek to be able to react quite fast, considering that GST preparation and campaign has been months done, and yet, some have lost their patience over this issue as if he has been handling this matter from start (re: remember which minister who is supposed to handle this, giving guarantee all that, but than gave one months period for the issue to be resolved).

Who would not? 81% of cellular subscription in this country is PREPAID!

Yes, for what has been said by DS Shabery also is not new as to the public knowledge, the previous setting for top up prepaid has Sales and Service Tax (SST) inclusive, despite some telcos denying it.

To be honest, as much I can agree that this matter should have been resolved much earlier, but it was under different minister, up until DS Najib asked DS Shabery to handle this matter. Therefore, considering such technicality, as much as we can get angry, things are moving towards what we really wanted – RM10 for RM10 level of service.

Things are moving.. but at a pace of what we would not want to see from the government.

To the previous minister who handled this matter, I hope you should be much aware the severity you have brought with just this top up prepaid issue.

81% phone subscribers are PREPAID, in which reflects how HIGH the users being impacted. The impact is not just to youngsters, but also those working and perhaps the pensioners who use Prepaid as choice to maintain low monthly phone usage (and hoping for their children to call them, not them calling their children).

Well, considering that the prepaid issue is off your hand, hopefully you able to resolve other GST issues.

MCMC’s Q4 Statistics for those interested to analyse.

Question on the street: What made government (or him) being sloppy in handling this top up prepaid issue?


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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