#MyviFamilia #DUKE Incident: The Need For #AES?

Many are angered with this incident. Yes, two children were orphaned due to 6 Myvi cars driven very fast which if not racing, they were driven in dangerous manner.

Many are more angered by the reactions made and shown in social media. The believed false report made by the FMC driver,  whatsapp conversation saying they have contacts within PDRM to set them free, trying to get hold of CCTV (which is believed an attempt to hide or destroy evidence, screen shot of intent to kill the witness of the accident and of course, one of the latest – getting advice from a political party; just shows how childish and afraid the FMC drivers are now.

Damage is done, and hopefully, they will get their verdict accordingly.

As this post suggest, maybe it is time we, especially those in favour of against AES to sit down, relax and re-think again on a preventive measure proposed and piloted before.

Remember, the fact of the accident remains:

  1. the accident happened at 12.30am, a time which usually or normally people went to bed and unlikely speed trap operation may be happening;
  2. the 6 cars were caught by CCTV driving very fast
  3. 3 deaths from the accident, orphaning 2 children

Do you expect our police force to be awake in middle of the night while you are fast asleep, just to catch bad fast drivers? And I believe that for those caught by police for traffic offences, either they will try to bribe, or saying nasty things like “macam tiada kerja ka try arrest us? Pergi tangkap pencuri la” kinda thing.

Road accidents has been one of prime killer in this country, and yet, when a preventive measure is being introduced, for the past few years, it has become more politically discussed.

I am for the AES to be implemented. Are you?

Question on the street: How many lives that you are willing to sacrifice for this bad fast not that furious drivers?

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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