#GST Countdown: 1 Week To Go… How Prepared Are We?

We are just one week away from GST implementation. How prepared are we?

This is my observation, based on news, social media and my surroundings.

  1. GST training and seminars are still going on, which indicates to me, some are still not having ample understanding;
  2. Big corporations seems to be prepared, but some still not declaring whether their price inclusive of GST 6%, GST 0% or GST exempted, which can raise questions to stakeholders how is it going to be. As for values chain reactions, of course this may cause impact of such to their clients;
  3. From top to bottom, I am unsure of how suppliers has come to businesses and explain how they will charge their price and GST effected and so on to later business till the retail ones. For example, has Factory A explain to Business A; has Business A who supplies to Business B explain their price and so on. All that I can hear (especially when I was around when some suppliers come to the retail) “we just follow”, but without proper price and GST checking;
  4. Some businesses started to take down price tags, without putting price before and after, in which indicating that they are not transparent to their own customers on how the pricing would be;
  5. Coming back to which category of GST, public need to be educated clearly on which of the items are being GSTed 6%, 0% and exempted. For this, I have to say, sorry government, this has not being addressed properly, thus being manipulated by those opposing GST;

Yes, I just put 5 only at the moment, as I exclude religious and political factors in my observations. This is because, you may come out with various facts and arguments, BUT, for certain people, they will stick to their guns and not listening (what more accepting) any facts and arguments.

By indicating so, yes, I think government’s campaign of explanation of GST is not a success. Perception wise, government is somewhat failed.

To be honest, this is not the first time government faced such challenges when introducing such policy. Remember back then when government introduced certain measures in 1997-1999? Yes, there was some challenges, especially political motive ones, but the confidence on government’s effort was there.

You may add to the list, as I am not the only one on the street 🙂


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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