Should School Bus Fares Increased???

Interesting news today in regards to school bus fares that made one of the headlines for today.

The Star reported that the cost of vehicle shot up by 100%. The gist of the articles are:

  • raising their fares by between 10% and 20% despite the drop in diesel price at the pump
  • unable to cope with rising maintenance costs for their vehicles
  • many of the operators and that a good number of them were turning into illegal transporters because they could save money on licence fees and insurance costs.

Interesting enough, in the very same article, an operator said:

“It was only a few ringgit more but some parents opted to go with illegal operators instead,” he said.

He said it was difficult to compete because the illegal operators usually charged less or were from the same neighbourhood as the customers.

In separate article, it is mentioned:

JOHOR BARU: Thousands of students nationwide are taking a risk by using illegal school vans to go to school, the Federation of Malaysian School Bus Operators Associations has warned.

Its secretary-general Md Saad Mohamad claimed no action has been taken over the problem that has been going on for years.

He said operators of illegal school vans did not have any permit from the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) and were not insured to ferry passengers.

“Furthermore, they are charging much higher fares than our association members, between RM100 and RM160 per student per month, but parents have no qualms paying them,” Md Saad told The Star.

So, which is which? Charging less or more that leads to increasing school bus fares?

Can we have a more solid arguments?

Question on the street: So, illegal operators ask for more fee or less?

Note: I have not been writing quite sometime. For most of the time, it is not that I don’t have things to write, but majority of the time I halted from continuing pressing the buttons on my keyboard. Sorry if my argument lil bit rusty 🙂

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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