No More #RON95 Subsidy: Good Or Bad?

As announced, starting Dec 1 2014, there will be no more subsidy for RON95 and diesel, and both of the fuel will follow similar mechanism to RON97.

The question is… Good or Bad?

Here is my short note for the decision:

  1. BAD when immediately some price will go up, but GOOD in a long run, because we will know who actually being the culprit when oil price gone down;
  2. BAD for those cheapskate who raise the price, when their cost not really affected by fuel price;
  3. BAD for those businesses that do not really plan their logistics etc
  4. GOOD for government as they do not need to answer anything related to price hike due to fuel price anymore after this.

Of course, giving subsidy or not giving, always BAD for those who oppose without a good cause. Bagi salah, tak bagi salah…

What’s your take?

Note: After this, for example, if you go to any mamak stall, and they say due to RON95 price, they raise their price, smack them in the face when RON95 go down IF they do not bring down their price.. ok?

Question on the street: Some asked why RON95 did not follow RON97.. now with RON95 follow the same, why the same should be mad about it???

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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