To Prof Aziz Bari: You Missing The Point of Tun M

This is an excerpt Prof Aziz Bari’s writings, as published by The Ant Daily:

OUTSPOKEN: It is not really necessary as the law and practice on the point have been very clear. But when former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad revealed on Sept 11 that he, when he was Umno president, actually submitted one name to the palace, the octogenarian had virtually vindicated his arch nemesis Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. –

I think Prof Aziz Bari missing Tun Mahathir’s point. As stated in my previous article, I personally it is manipulated because, a more elaborated reports indicated that that yes, Tun Mahathir submitted one name BUT he had no problem with the palace.

Again, for the benefit of those in line with Prof Aziz Bari, who may be taking just a portion of Tun Mahathir’s word, and misunderstood the message behind such statement – In other simple words to rakyat marhaen, if you are okay with your boss, I suppose if you submit that is satisfactory, usually it is okay with your boss. However, if you are not in good terms with your boss, it is harder ain’t it?

(Dalam perkataan mudah, realiti anda di tempat kerja – masa ok dengan bos, oklah segalanya. Akan tetapi, kalau dah tak ok dengan bos, cubalah macam mana sekalipun, kan susah)

Question on the street: Prof Aziz Bari, may I ask, being such intelligent person, can’t you notice such difference???

Can I take you seriously in this? Personally, I expect better from you, sir, as you are a academician, not a politician, in which, technically and theoretically, you should be able to see the whole context, not portion of it.

Or are you turning into one?

4 thoughts on “To Prof Aziz Bari: You Missing The Point of Tun M

    Non acceptance of one name is due to lack of quality in that one name.
    Zero quality…. See how she speaks @ various videos.
    ISTANA cannot take chances. This is administration of a state.
    Hence the request of more than 2 names.

  2. Pfrof. Aziz Bari, an academician, I think not…………….even these simple sentences he cannot understand……………must be PAS taught. backwards

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