Hobo Hubba Hubba

Intention by Tengku Adnan may sounds good.. but the methods and words (“my city”??? who made it Putrajaya is your own? Sound arrogant ain’t it?)

In all honesty, wrong move, wrong method, wrong timing by Tengku Adnan and this will surely not be good books of good and kind heart Malaysians who is known easily to donate.

SeaDemon Says

Beggars are a problem anywhere in the world. The bigger problem is distinguishing between the genuine beggars and those who are professionals. Giving alms and helping the needy is part of human nature and I can bet most say to themselves, “One day it could be me.” Which is why members of the public are angered by Adnan Mansor’s recent statements made regarding the homeless and those who feed them; and they include I.


I could not care less who Adnan Mansor is. I am one who does not go around polishing politicians’ balls no matter what party the politician concerned represents. While I acknowledge that beggars, be they unprofessional or otherwise, are a problem, this problem have existed for as long as I have been breathing.


In his statement above, he said that he would take the money alms-giver give to beggars and re-distribute to those who actually need…

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You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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