#SelangorWaterCrisis: Why @Khalid_Ibrahim Alone Getting The Shit?

Ever since water supply disruption happening again, once again MB Selangor is under fire. And again, no one.. I repeat, NO ONE defended him. Worse, even PR MPs by turns taking aim at him.

What happened to the likes of DS Anwar who suggested TS Khalid to stop water rationing? What happen to YB Rafizi Ramli who suggested Langat 2 is a no need project to restructure water plans?

If one can recall back then (as highlighted by seademon), even the exco GUARANTEE there will be no water rationing.

My question is… WHY TS Khalid Ibrahim alone have to face the music, when PR members taking turns aiming at him when things gone wrong?

To TS Khalid Ibrahim (and other PR members too), I think you should know what kind of coalition and members you have. Today it might be you (and it has been you when it comes to water issue).. just maybe some other day, it can be someone else.

Like it or not, using PR style, any issue in regards to Selangor, be it you have resigned or died, it will be pinned on YOU.

Yes, the position of MB is not yours… but all the shit will be entitled to you.. even when new MB comes in.

In my honest opinion, this Selangor water issue is one of the example when politicians cant act like leaders and party election gone bad. And we, the rakyat, has to suffer..

And trust me, somehow or rather, besides TS Khalid Ibrahim, UMNO and BN juga yang disalahkan nanti!

Questions on the street: Who is the new MB? What happened to Kajang Move? Any MORE guarantee people in Selangor will get water supply as requested?

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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