#Cadbury: Be Clear Of Events Before Acting Like a “Babe”

As many might be aware of, JAKIM had their lab test shows that the Cadbury sample they have does not contain any porcine DNA. However, since the news broke out, I could read knee-jerk reactions.

My fellow readers,

I know it sounds confusing for some, but for your own justice, try to read back the chronology of events. Do remember, all this furor started with Ministry of Health reported porcine DNA was found in the Cadbury product. Remember – Ministry of Health announced it first.

As a reaction, of course Cadbury and JAKIM need to check. As a precaution, of course Cadbury and JAKIM need to do what they need to do. Of course if you are in doubt, you are advised not to consume. This is basic.

It is also basic for JAKIM also to check back on the status of the products.

However, do note that JAKIM did their test based at the source, the factory, to check whether porcine was indeed can be found at the production site. Their checking and test is different from Ministry of Health which randomly checked from samples that has left the factory.

I hope my dear readers can look this matter in sequences or chronology of events, so that you won’t be confused by who said what, who did what.

Please, do justice to yourself. Read more and think wisely.

Thank you.

Question on the street: Who is the “pig” that caused porcine DNA in the sample that MOH found the DNA???


2 thoughts on “#Cadbury: Be Clear Of Events Before Acting Like a “Babe”

  1. Actually the Health Minister did mention that the sample they analysed might be contaminated. I wonder whether there was an element of sabotage.

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