#PRKTelukIntan: It’s In DAP’s Hand To Lose

It has been quite a while since I last wrote something at this dusty blog of mine. Much of the time I am quite occupied, and the most I can write is at my twitter account.

Before I go any further, congratulations to Ramkarpal Singh for winning Bukit Gelugor and defended DAP’s seat with a great majority, even if it was a low turn out. A win is a win.

Ok, now. Teluk Intan by-election… what more I can say?

It is just few days away, and as stated in my tweets, I am actually losing interest in this by-election due to religious justifications to be made by both BN and PR sides. Yes, I am sick of it.

Here is what I thought of the election (if you wish to hear my thoughts.. if you don’t, I don’t mind).

As per the title suggest, it is for DAP to lose. It is in their own hands. Why?

  1. In previous GE13, DAP won by majority more than 7,000 votes. To me, it is not easy to flip the 3,500 votes to BN’s unless DAP did stupid things since GE13;
  2. Nobody forced DAP to choose a muslim malay as their candidate. Therefore, it is a choice made, with supposed counter-measure of attacks have been considered. Any ill answered or issue addressed is actually due to PR themselves to sort things out, especially on being a  muslim malay (hudud and aurat included);
  3. DAP chosen a supposedly young lawyer, picturing the aspirations of youth and future leader. It moved people on first few days.. but I am not sure how people react to series of show of non-confidence by taking the mic away from her and background checks;
  4. BN can’t really say they have chinese votes, as I think, DAP still has it. It is more like already a secure deposit for DAP. So, by making Dyana as candidate, it is more like to garner bigger majority.

In all these strong points, lies weakest points. Failure to deal with it (for example: hudud, aurat, taking away the mic, lawyer status, UiTM), DAP’s colors will be revealed.

It is for DAP to lose. It was DAP’s seat, and even if BN loses, it does not really matter for now as the number of seats do not change.

What disappointed me is – some gambled by religious line by trying to justify religious reasons to defend or attack the candidate.

Truly, Dyana Sofya as a candidate is one of those sickening evidence of how sick some religious look alike can be.

So, if let say Dyana Sofya of DAP loses, it is not because of BN, but because of DAP themselves shooting PR’s foot.

Good luck and happy voting! 🙂

Gentle reminder on the street: Be truthful. It is to HIM we will answer later.


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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