Air Asia vs MAS..And MAHB: The Next Level???

In all honesty, the water crisis issue in Selangor is more appealing for many to write.

However, I think I will write later on as I think things are brewing up quite fast. Therefore I will things to reveal by nature, plus we are approaching weekend with DS Anwar is in Japan (still.. I think).

For now, I just want to touch on the Air Asia versus MAS.. and MAHB (by all of sudden).

It seems that after MAS loss was announced, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes took a jibe at MAS. MAHB came out to release a statement that they seemed an unfair statement by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

I thought the story finishes among those on top. Never that come across my mind another level of round coming from someone else in the business.

Aireen Omar later came out with a statement, taking another swing against MAHB. News Straits Times reported:

TIANJIN: Malaysian-based low-cost carrier, AirAsia Bhd chief executive, Aireen Omar said that all airlines are given incentives by airport operators as it is used to help grow traffic volumes into countries.

She was responding to Malaysia Airports’ Holdings Bhd’s (MAHB) claims that AirAsia has receive the most incentives over the last decade from the airport operator despite it not being the airline that contributed the highest number of passengers or revenue.

“I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that we don’t receive special treatments as what was claimed by MAHB. Incentive scheme are offered to all airlines that operate into the airports…It is not a subsidy nor a charity to us,” she told reporters at a media briefing here on Saturday.

Aireen explained that incentive scheme acts as a key performance indicator (KPI) for airlines to meet a certain passenger growth target or volume. The type of incentives given to airlines is usually in the form of cash rebate.

AirAsia has make use of the incentives given to them by stimulating the traffic around the ASEAN region and the airline has also successfully promoted the trend of low-cost travel, she said.

“It is not just us who benefit the incentives given to us by bringing in traffic into Malaysia. The airport operator also benefited from that in terms of the revenue they earn from passenger service charges (PSC), aircraft parking and landing fees, user charges fees as well as the non-aeronautical revenue also,” Aireen said

When I first read about this, I think we have ought to look the truth in the statements made by MAHB and Air Asia (when the original issue is Tan Sri Tony took a jibe at MAS).

In 2012, Air Asia carried 33.8 million passengers (in annual report 2012 stated 19.7 million passengers carried) , while MAS with only 16.6 million passengers (according to their annual report 2012). By either way, Air Asia did carry more passengers.

Therefore, when such incentives exists, even though it was not said ‘tailor-made’ to Air Asia, they did enjoyed more. Nothing wrong with MAHB’s statement, and so do Aireen’s.

So, what’s actually gone wrong? Why is it extended from just between Tan Sri Tony and MAS leads to another level of spats? Why MAHB also seems to be part of this problem???

I think there’s something brewing behind the scenes that we do not know.

Whatever it is, I hope it is not personal.

Question on the street: What’s wrong with these guys? Semua masuk angin kah?


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