@tonyfernandes Taking Jibes Against MAS… “Personal or Business”???

I do realize that my piece is way too late from when it was first discussed when MAS’ loss was announced and made headlines.

As usual and expected, many taking jibes against MAS as national airlines, which over and over time needed to be saved. On this MAS’ performance matter, in my honest opinion.. I do wonder what actually is happening in MAS and what are the executives there doing. I mean really, really doing. I verily believe there are smart alecs who may have proposed things that can improve MAS’ performance, not just at revenue level, in which proven increasing.. but also on cost.. in which also worryingly increasing.

Further to add, MAS may face more competitors from additional airlines that may come in when KLIA 2 starting to operate. One may to start in April 2014.

For now, I am not that keen to explore MAS performance as I am also aware that some other airlines all over the world also facing financial performance’ ‘problem’ (for example: Air France-KLM quarter 4 loss has widen to USD1.62billion.. way more than MAS. Even Qantas may have to axe 2000 jobs and sell planes!).

What I am really interested in is Tony Fernandes’s jibes against MAS.

Yes, I can agree with Mat Rodi – asking where is his corporate ethics.  I also can agree and understand as to why MAHB has to give a response towards Tony Fernandes’ rants against MAS. It is amazing that Air Asia has been receiving most incentives.. something that he did not openly say.

However, from another stand point of view, I can say what he is doing is purely business, in the best of Air Asia, his interest. That is why, even when he was on board of MAS, MAS DID NOT ‘fly higher’.  He even wanted an airport  (where his “Bas Mini Wilayah” pilots can land and take off as they pleased.. maybe). Imagine if he had one.

Corporate ethics versus business interest.. Hmm… I think this is where at times we do not know where the line is.

Maybe, in some way… this is one of reason why MAS unable to match Air Asia in terms of action taken. MAS has a very good reputation, and brings a lot of passengers coming in. Their service is top class.. compared to Air Asia.

On the same note, as reproduced by the Mole, The Economist article highlighted a fact that many forget about the airline industry which has played a big role in connecting the world but unfortunately has done little to the pockets of the airlines:

“Despite incredible growth, airlines have not come close to returning the cost of capital, with profit margins of less than 1% on average over that period. In 2012 they made profits of only $4 for every passenger carried,”

Just maybe…uniquely for Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.. I do not know which..

Do you?

Considering airlines are suffering.. is Tan Sri Tony’s action and reaction is an action in the name of ‘survival of the fittest’?

Question on the street: Personal or business?? Or just pleasure to join the crowd criticizing MAS when he was once actually made in MAS board of director?


4 thoughts on “@tonyfernandes Taking Jibes Against MAS… “Personal or Business”???

  1. nice one bro! AAX dah rugi, AA dia pula untung tp merosot. As I suggested in my new article, tony nak sgt saingan kan, let MAS give them one. Baru dia tau langit tinggi rendah.

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