Selangor #WaterCrisis: Blessings For “Anugerah Tuhan”???

This is my initial thoughts ever since current MB Selangor unable to manage the water crisis well and DS Anwar is running for Kajang DUN seat.

If one could recall on the chronology of such events of Langat 2 and the need for treated water, as what seademon’s did, I think Tan Sri Khalid were ill-advised by his excos and advisers, thus failing to manage the water crisis that well. Kindly tell me, who are among those that stood by his side in 2010 by saying water in Selangor sufficient until 2019 are still standing WITH him? Elizabeth Wong?

Even Lim Kit Siang back in 2012 accused water shortage is a BN stage to wrestle Selangor back to BN:

The question is, is there really a water crisis or is it manufactured by Putrajaya in what is seen as an attempt to wrest back the country’s wealthiest and most industrialised state back to BN.

So, how now Lim Kit Siang?

For now, I don’t think anyone from those days are willing to stand beside Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and take the fall. NO ONE at all.

However, Tan Sri Khalid’s sufferings may be blessings for DS Anwar in his route to be MB Selangor, once he wins PRK Kajang.

For now, the water crisis provides a very much natural disaster for Tan Sri Khalid in “defending” his post, while it is a natural opportunity for DS Anwar to be seen more important than Tan Sri Khalid.

IF DS Anwar wins PRK Kajang, the stage is kind of set, and current situation may force Tan Sri Khalid to step down “willingly”.

Since the opportunity is well presented… let us see how DS Anwar plays his role.

Question on the street: Where all have gone PR leaders? Why are you not standing by Tan Sri Khalid firmly since 2010???

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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