Online Campaign: How much “Like” Can Move You???

Basically, you can treat this as political and non-political post… but I prefer to treat this business based article (considering that I do understand that some treat this site to more social political site).

Before we go any further, please also take a look at this site for an example – ‘Service Manager Page‘.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3This is one of site among others that may provide the same service. What REALLY caught my interest is this:

Picture4Yes, the promise of how MANY likes in a month.

I can’t help to wonder few things just based on this matter… for instance:

  1. From whom the “likes” will come from? Real or fake person?
  2. Based on the service range, will the price varies when total “likes” per month more than what has been offered (perhaps due to REAL and genuine “likes” received)?
  3. How many “likes” can move you to subscribe to product or service offered?
  4. How many “likes” can turn into REAL cash?
  5. IF let say a not preferred comment (more like a condemn) received, will the comment be removed and the ID being blocked?

Honestly speaking, I don’t condemn this kind of service. I am just amazed how “likes” on FB can be sold. Heck, I am very amazed that even total of “likes” can be a business and people are willing to pay for that!!!

In my honest opinion, marketing can be a very vicious and cruel to what you are trying to sell. Be it online or not, there will be competition.

More importantly.. how do you verify that the person “liking” your status, your product, your service is REAL and GENUINE, especially when you are guaranteed a range of “likes”?

My REAL on the street question: is not this “like” business a way to cheat people? Halal or haram?

Pardon for my doubts…


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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