If You Are The Home Affairs Minister, What Will You Do???

I am sure right now some people, especially proPR are not comfortably sitting and have a lot to say on few of arrests and raids made. Of course, each of us entitled to our own opinion, and I bet, proPR do not like a little bit what’s going on.

Before GE13, I have said it in few occasions, that BN or PR not winning by 2/3 majority, we will suffer another few years because some will take things in their own hands. It is just unfortunately, GE13 was won by BN and PR lose out.. but still, no 2/3 majority.

Considering we have had gone through few round of events that things being taken to the streets.. and also few rounds of WARNINGS only, I will not be surprised if let say PR won that day, some BN fellas will also take things to the street.

In other words, whoever won, protest on the street is a not a surprise for me because there are bunch of lunatics and fanatics from both sides.

Move forward, now, we have DS Zahid Hamidi as Home Affairs Minister and quite remarkably that within few days in office, warnings and precautionary measures given and today, actions taken. For a role like that and actions taken, I have to take my hats off to DS Zahid Hamidi.

I know that some will not agree with what DS Zahid Hamidi is doing.. but do remember, he gave promises that no political interference in police work on May 20. That means, anything that police do now, is based on work and assessment done by the police to ensure the stability and security of the country.

That’s the reality of what’s going on while DS Zahid Hamidi is the Home Affairs minister.

What I would like to know, especially those in disagreement, what will you do if you are the Home Affairs minister and you have bunch of people wanting to get things on the street and may disrupt the peace and harmony of Malaysians?


In a less political matter, if you are the boss, and your staff tends to cause unrest to your working place… what will you do?


In a lesser political and office matter, if you are the boss in your house, and your family member (either your parents, parents in law or anyone in the family) tends to cause unrest to your home… what will you do?

Seriously, tell me.. let us talk about it in intelligent manner.

Question on the street: What will you do if people tends to take things in their own hand? Do various warnings like previous Home Affairs minister? Or…?


2 thoughts on “If You Are The Home Affairs Minister, What Will You Do???

  1. I will cekup the trouble makers a lot earlier .. but I understand that the Police need to gather solid evidence thus the late response. So well done Police and KDN!

    I am truly allergic to non-law-abiding citizens. They should all rot in jail.

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