#GE13 Quick Notes: Points to Ponder for EC/SPR

This is going to be a quick one, as I know many are still are like disgruntled elf, not getting christmas presents that they think they should have it instead of the kids on Christmas eve (this is metaphorical.. not that I believe in elves ok?).

  1. DO NOT promise the ink can last for few days when it is lesser. Test the ink as if you are a crooked lying scumbag who try to cheat. If you do not try to attempt like some did, of course the ink will stay there… even mine is still intact because I do not make as serious attempt as they were!!!
  2. Please respond there and then on such allegations. Do it like PDRM did and doing for any events that requires SPR’s input. SPR should have been MORE engaging in social media, considering most of people now so damn attached to internet as if what’s written and published is the truth nothing but the truth, without further checking. DO NOT WAIT until it is already stuck in people’s head. It is more inedible than your choice of ink!!!
  3. Please have BALLS. You have been pushed like nobody’s business. The ink was BERSIH idea, yet you are to be blamed for the use of ink. Do what’s best for the people, not succumbed to pressure unnecessarily. IF you decide to use their idea, let them run the idea with you as the boss to monitor, NOT you are the worker, they are the boss, bossing you like nobody’s business!!!
  4. Take care of all your side and end. Seriously too much commotion because of SPR do not deal well within the SPR process and what’s going around. As much as more and more people on the ground trying to defend you, but without concentrated effort, SPR just asking for more punches.. even under the belt!!

These quick notes only have 4 pointers, but the ones I think having really BIG impact. SPR really need to buck up. Seriously, even if the process is really, really clean but SPR failed to act better, forever we will have unfinished dispute.

SPR, please have balls.. please. And buck up!!!

Question on the street: Can we say that this unrest due to SPR not being firm and proactive enough? Most of us know how PR have been targeting SPR, but SPR like a bloody fool waiting to get whacked!!!


3 thoughts on “#GE13 Quick Notes: Points to Ponder for EC/SPR

  1. 1. Ink – was there any standard recommended by bersih? No? Then too bad.
    2. SPR should file for defamatory remarks as many as possible and injunction to all that were charged. Give some work to AG.

  2. Yes! you are right. PR is manipulating the whole situation and poisoning the mind of so many. They are making use of social media like facebook, email, sms, youtube etc. People are so naive and simply belief what they hear. I was told that Tun M has fled the country before election but the next day he came out to vote. Then it was change to, he fled after casting his vote. I really want to kick the ass of the person who told me this as I knew from the start it was a lie. Dirty politics from PR.

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