#GE13 Quick Notes: Points to Ponder for PR

I have been thinking so many times to write this down or not. Why? I am afraid because of proPR usually can’t be suggested with suggestion, especially when that person able to view good things done BN.

Take this if you want to. If you don’t want it, you can scrap it. I have nothing to lose.

  1. Sort out your basic foundation. You are near of becoming a government, yet still far away. Treat yourself as “government” by not “agree to disagree” anymore. I’m tired with all this hudud and islamic matters each and every time elections come near.
  2. Get your coalition registered. For this GE13 you may accuse ROS for whatever reason, but I don’t think it is logical if by GE14, this matter is not sorted out.
  3. After sorting your registration, sort out your line up and structure. I want to know the chain of command of PR. Who’s gonna be what.
  4. Sort also your shadow cabinet against government led by BN. At least rakyat will have better view on who is the potential minister if PR in power. Let there be one marking one on one government ministers.
  5. Please sort out on how you guys want to uphold Islam. Sort how hudud and Islamic matters to be done among you. I am sick and tired you guys sorting it out by blaming UMNO, when the issue is among you. You delayed the problem, not solving the problem.
  6. Please do not act like holier than thou. You are educating the rakyat to point fingers instead of solving it, and escape from it. IF you become the government, one fine day, people will point fingers back at you.
  7. Please do not bring every single thing to the streets. You are educating rakyat to protest using “freedom of speech”, but you cannot stand when voiced against. Seriously, if you really practice it, let there be demos on states under your demo.. and you’ll taste how it is like when being used against you
  8. I know BN aint perfect and by far, you guys can live on their issues.. but until when? Please, please don’t use UMNO as escape route for every shit you are in. Sometimes it is mind boggling when you come up with excuses.. and worse, those with kopiah and serban using the same, without bothering the consequences in the afterlife. If you mess up, admit, please.

So far this is what I can think of. More like self reflection to PR. Yes, for now, some of you may reject this.. but I am viewing this as PR’s en route to be government.

For now, PR is the Opposition, in which, much of these issues are not “liable” to you. But, IF you are the government, you are inviting issues as your foundation ain’t solid. For the states PR controlled, there will be TG Hj Hadi, Lim Guan Eng and DS Anwar to sort it.. but once you are the government, who to oversee the PM?

And please, stop the butthurt. We have been politicking and campaigning since end of GE12. Let us work together. Be a responsible Malaysians. Let us build this nation together. At least, if it is your turn to be government, you’ll inherit a nation in good condition.

Question on the street: Or you prefer a worse nation???

5 thoughts on “#GE13 Quick Notes: Points to Ponder for PR

  1. -agreed and here’s my additional notes.

    -to both pas and pkr, pls emulate dap’s work ethics, small numbers but still gain the most. (hell no i don’t believe in dap memperkudakan both of you. they just work wonders!)

    -to dap, pls drop your rocket logo. find something appealing to the meleis.
    (actually what i mean is pls be a really multi racial party that believe in togetherness and inclusiveness!). the same goes to pkr and pas.

    -to PAS old guards, pls let the new blood with brains to be at the forefront of your leadership. pls re-evaluate the effectiveness of using “arabic” terms to explain a simple concept of “power sharing, cohesiveness and cooperation”. we ain’t arabs in the first place!

    -to PAS old guards, if GE13 is the litmus test for your Islamic propaganda and agenda, you failed a lot. lol. so re-evaluate your party constitution dan berpijaklah pada real-politik yang nyata dan semasa. it’s tough, but for sure tak akan menggagalkan akidah anda semua !

    -to PKR, specifically DSAI, salutes to your energy given to the people, but it’s about time for PKR to work on expanding your networks in Malay rural areas and just not expecting attendance from Ceramah as your barometer to measure the support of the people. We know how much PR as a HOPEFULL-YET-loose coalition has been deprived the right to be campaigning as free as BN via mass media. (TV!).

    -i see DSAI as a glue within the ranks of PR. but the hope for new leaders (young ones) with extreme caliber as you belum nampak lagi..Help grooming them, jangan umno campak kan satu dua kes liwat lagi sudah lah..kah kah kah.

    – those are all for now.

    btw bro, u might as well put articles for SPR to ponder. kah kah kah

  2. I can give you one BIG reason why the registration of Pakatan Rakyat will be delayed forever.
    If it is registered as an entity, DAP will be the biggest loser after their massive well planned tactics almost succeeded with the achievement in GE13. PKR and PAS will only be a spanner in their cog.

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