#GE13 Quick Notes: Points to Ponder for BN

This will be a short note, with just a few points to ponder. I am writing this after BN wins simple majority, and at the moment I am writing this, BN has been announced winning 124 seats.

OK, these are my points:

  1. BN need to review their approach on younger generations. Clearly, even though they have done some, but still not good enough. The engagement need to be improved;
  2. Debates – Yes, this got to be done. This is what younger generations want and part of new politics is all about. If your people suck in debates, train them well. It seems nowadays doing work alone won’t help that much;
  3. Air-time – this need to be given. Seriously. BN has been written off by younger generation and urban just by refusing air time to PR. Losing even before fighting;
  4. Exposure in Main Stream Media – as much as they have their own paper and media, still, give them some space. Learn to accept differing views in news. This will help to self improve and be a better person and government. I do think that this one also has cost BN and BN had lose even before fighting;
  5. Don’t be seen to manipulative. The independence theme last year has cost dearly to BN. Not only seen politicizing independence, but also you treat it as tool and do road tours as part as GE13 campaign? Sucked big time;
  6. Don’t depend too much on morale issues of PR personnel. Seriously. The early results shows how “modern” some can be and couldn’t care less of morale and sex issues. Please, move on matters that is more constructive;
  7. Please think outside the box. Clearly this department need to be improved. PR has gone to a level where ideas are welcomed (though logical implementation may be questionable). Simplify yet not negligent;
  8. Re-think of mechanism against the chinese community. BN has contribute whole lot, but puny “return” and caused some unrest to other Malaysians. I am not being racist and not saying chinese do not deserve anything. I just advise BN need to rethink..

For now, I can only think 8 points… maybe I’ll add up later.

(At the point I am writing this line, BN has been declared winning 129 seats, with needed 13 seats to win 2/3 with 13 seats left.. I think BN can forget about the 2/3 majority)

Question on the street: Can we move forward now? Too much of politicking already.. please?


2 thoughts on “#GE13 Quick Notes: Points to Ponder for BN

  1. Move forward?
    Stop politicking?
    You’re kidding, right?
    Now that Pakatan tasted blood, prepare for another 5 years of continued propaganda to win the next election while their people rake in moola like any other ‘respectable’ politician.

    And that is if Anwar or any other guy didn’t do something to discredit this election.

  2. * 7 down, 7 up. double 7 is the magic number.
    * as much as I want to see a change of power, the result is somewhat expected.
    * 7 years before 2020, BN has failed the nation. 1Malaysia is crap!
    * I am happy that people rejects Ibrahim Ali and Zul Nordin. (both endorsed by Najib himself!). proof that racism has no place whatsoever in this country. proof that religious bigot has no place in this country.
    * tolong educate that until a government is elected, there is no such thing as Opposition.
    * malaysian election body, do away with your old antics!

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