#GE13: BN Selangor Free Water Offer For PRU13 – Good or Bad???

Out of many things announced by BN Selangor yesterday, the most mind boggling was BN Selangor offers free water IF BN wins Selangor in next GE13.

As some have reacted, I was also pissed off last night upon hearing the news.  I was feeling being played by both PR and BN, toying the RAKYAT with all the freebies they can promise en route to gain control.

However, having a good night sleep, and waking up at the right side of the bed, my mind exploring and trying to understand the rationale of the such give away free water (which has been an issue against PR Selangor).

The instant damning if one can come this point is BN has been criticizing the promise given by PR for free water since 2008. Of course, when BN Selangor offering the same for this coming GE13, one may read that PR has done a good job, and actually not harming the financials of the state. Therefore, if one wishes to elaborate further, PR is doing the right thing, and supposedly, free water SHOULD be given, by any ways and means.

Considering the sentiments of getting freebies (and as mentioned in the last sentence), it will be difficult to write off the free things or undo that have been given by the current PR Selangor government.

It is also, the same effect to PR if PR wishes to take over Putrajaya – the all sorts of 1Ms at the end of each acronyms, given by BN government currently. Not giving such, it can jeopardize PR’s route to Putrajaya. Continuing the policy might be deemed as copying BN, and thus, may also causing some RAKYAT to think – BN also has done good job actually.

Also, not to mention  any kind of benefits that BN has offered and done to business segments. Any attempt to undo it, I supposed business people may not like it. In which, when DS Anwar said wanted to take away MORE from the likes of Genting, I’m not sure how other business tycoons will react as such.

Oh.. how damning it is…

Come to think about it, being human, we do like CHEAP, QUALITY if not FREE things. Taking it away, for some, will react like a baby, foul crying, without realizing, at times, the cheap or free things actually do more harm than good.

I do not know guys… I am damn worried with such development, and how some claiming to represent RAKYAT for such request. “We want this, we want that”, but not really understand the ripple/domino effect of such. Worse, don’t care at all. Non-compliant to such, “we” will vote to the other side.

Think rationally.

Use your right to think, before you execute the right to vote.

Question on the street: Yes, government to serve the people, but do government have to follow everything what people want, in which can be harmful later on?


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