#GE13: #TurunHargaKereta – How PR & BN Going To Do It???

Now, BN has announced their manifesto.

Good, now Malaysians can compare apple to apple, what is being promised and hopefully those who wins GE13, will fulfill the promises made (unless there are still some deem manifesto is not a promise).

For a start, I found a matter that has been catching my interest since PR announced their plan to reduce car’s price.

In a sum of 5 words – catchy, appealing and attention grabbing.

Considering both have presented their HOW to do it, let us take a look:


Hmm… I let your mind playing with such. I won’t disturb you. 🙂

Ok, if one follows my ramblings in my twitter, I have made known my interest on the HOW this reduce car’s price going to be done. Reason being, an idea is an idea.. but it will stay as an idea when it cannot be interpreted into reality.

Therefore, when each PR and BN share how they are going to do it, I see this idea can be realised practically for the benefit of the people.

Owh, by the way, in regards to such arguments BN is copying PR and vice versa, I think such argument is mind boggling… and somewhat childish.

Reason being is, both BN and PR is trying their best to be the government. Both will present the best ideas, manifestos and presentation to impress the people to vote them in coming General Elections.

Soon enough, there will be at any point, both will come up to the same matter or idea. ‘Worse”, both present the same idea that benefit the people? So, how to differentiate them? Are we going to play “who found the idea first” or “who’s better in implementing the idea”?

As I had twitted earlier… IF let say, the situation has permitted Malaysia to implement hudud and the government is BN, are we going to say BN copied PAS’s idea to implement hudud?

I hope we are mature enough in assessing ideas and manifestos by both sides. I hope when we make our assessment, we are not limiting ourself to only what is stated on the manifesto, but also the methodology, ability and capability to implement the ideas.

Question on the street: Is it the idea only good ONLY if you presented and do it by your own?


2 thoughts on “#GE13: #TurunHargaKereta – How PR & BN Going To Do It???

  1. Tumpukan Isu Kenaikkan Harga Barang. Lupakan yang Lain

    Isu kenaikan harga barang adalah isu yang paling ditakuti oleh UMNO dan BN. Makanya, mereka mencipta isu2 palsu seperti video seks palsu, isu murtad, isu kalimah Allah dsbnya bagi menghalang Pakatan Rakyat dari bercakap berkenaan isu harga barang.

    Hakikatnya, kemenangan Barisan Nasional kelak akan diikuti dengan kenaikan harga barang, harga minyak, harga air, harga tenaga eletkrik, harga tol, harga rumah dsbnya.

    Kenaikan2 ini adalah perlu memandangkan Najib Tun Razak secara pribadi telah menaikkan hutang negara sekaliganda dalam masa kurang dari 4 tahun.

    Tanpa kenaikkan ini maka kedudukan kewangan negara akan goncang dan kemungkinan pertumbuhan negara akan terbantut sama sekali.


    1. Kos masih sama, biarpun kemungkinan “harga kepada rakyat” turun. Bermakna, jika berhajatkan “harga kepada rakyat” itu turun, subsidi terpaksa digunakan lebih banyak. Ini secara tidak langsung memaksa kerajaan mencari sumber untuk menampung kos subsidi.

      Yang sewajarnya kita tumpukan adalah menurunkan kos sebenar, bukan menanggungnya dengan subsidi lagi. Dan bukan semua kos naik disebabkan oleh minyak. Ada yang gunakan “kenaikan harga minyak” sebagai alasan untuk menaikkan harga barang.

      Akan tetapi, setelah harga minyak turun sejak Pak Lah naikkan, tidak pula harga barang turun.. bermakna, ada yang mengambil kesempatan. 🙂

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