Communication Breakdown: Easy To Say, Hard But It Can Be Done

I believe this is something that some times happen in day-to-day life. Believe me, I think many can say it easily, but when it happens, we tend to forget. I want to share with you this article, and perhaps, if this happens to us, we know what to do.

When communication breaks down and interactions between co-workers become vitriolic and hostile, productivity and morale decline rapidly. Knowing how to resolve and prevent peer conflicts will help maintain a productive and harmonious work environment for all employees.

  1. Causes

    • Employees are brought together by their shared profession, but that does not mean that they have the same backgrounds or world views. People often fail to acknowledge that everyone has a different point of view that deserves respect. When someone doesn’t feel like they are being valued and respected, he gets defensive and very quickly your employees are in the middle of an unproductive conflict.


    • The most effective way to prevent peer conflict is to clearly communicate with all people in the group. All goals, roles, responsibilities, methods, incentives and consequences should be clearly outlined by management and acknowledged by all employees. Having any of these things undefined leaves them open to various interpretations, which leads to conflict among peers.


    • Disagreements between peers are inevitable, so you must also be ready with tools to resolve problems. First, acknowledge each party’s point of view without showing favoritism or placing blame. Acknowledge each party’s positive contributions to the group to show genuine appreciation to reduce initial defensiveness. Favor points of argument that are based on facts that can be proven with data and documentation. Whenever possible, focus on mutually beneficial resolutions instead of trying to find a right and wrong. If all people involved feel as though their interests are being protected, they will be more receptive to necessary compromise.

I hope this article beneficial in any way when you are facing communication breakdown in your day to day life. Yes, 8 hours (or so) a day in the office might be short, but that 8 hours might be critical in your career path, and more importantly if you are the main source of income for your family.

Do also remember to work things amicably and if possible, a win-win situation. 🙂


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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