8 thoughts on “#LahadDatu: Why It Is Best Pakatan Rakyat To STAY AWAY & Not Being Briefed

  1. This is a true opinion of a self proclaimed fence sitter. With valid reasons too.

    You are far too nice, Ondastreet, because if it was up to me I did say stick it to them. If all they ever do is to criticise and condemn the security forces as UMNO lapdog, then what is the use of briefing them?

    Besides, their security expert a.k.a Tony Pua has made rediculous remarks and Kee Thuan Chye has also whacked the G for having spent too much on defense.

    With opposition papers (didn’t they say there is no press freedom?) Saying the Ops Daulat is ‘overkill’ then what is it that they want to hear?

    Perhaps they might even want to form their own Army after this!

    1. well, i am looking from non-political point of view. i’m more concerned on security and safety. seriously, if it was said government politician did the same, i would also say info should only be restricted to PM, Minister of Homeland and Minister of Defense. Any leak of information will endanger people in Sabah πŸ™‚

      p/s: i also have noticed that these noise mainly come from PR.. but there are good PR leaders too. BUT, as i said earlier, for security reason, i think we should contain the situation. πŸ™‚

  2. That Nizar guy talks like an idiot. Submarines are not used to go after intruders in small boats but after ships and other submarines out at sea, not in the shallows.

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