#LahadDatu: An Event Unveiling True Face Of Some Malaysians

Frankly, I would like to start mondays with more to office and work life articles, but my mind is more on the on-going event (or should I say incident). Truth to be told, I am very much pissed off with some Malaysians.. especially the political ones.

In my honest point of view, this situation is not political, yet, crucial for Malaysians and Philippines. This issue touch many things, including how this could happen, who involved, why we can’t take certain actions and what can be done without dragging this issue day by day. And again, I am not talking about politics. This is more to our national security and the days after today, especially for those living in Sabah.

In my twitter and personal FB, I could see many comments and suggestions. Well, unfortunately, much of them coming from civilians who have little knowledge how delicate situation is.

Some asked about how the hell they got in. Why the navy can’t do anything.. without really understanding the movements and demographic of people in Sabah, especially the affected area. For the record (based on what told by friends who lived in Sabah), the intruders didn’t come in one go. They came by batches, until their fleet was complete.

Some also “interestingly” asked about using our Sukhois and submarines. I supposed, IF Malaysia have nuclear weapon, at least one smart alec will suggest to nuke them.

Is this what we want? Perhaps some.. but will it solve the real problem?

Using brute force blatantly as not the last choice could bring more harm, if not handle diligently. This is what we have been telling the world that terrorism is not about one time event. So, for Lahad Datu, in my view, is not far off.

This is because, the intruders came to Sabah believing Sabah is theirs. So, even if we kill all of them today without having proper follow up and contingency plans, there’s a probability we can see another “Lahad Datu” event, as long as ALL the claimed to be Sultan Sulu lives. (Note: there are numbers of individual claimed to be the rightful heir of Sulu sultanate)

As The Star article suggested, this situation is also very much delicate and it is not easy as some of us can say.

However, as written by a well respected blogger (at least I am):

In view of this, I would like to suggest to the government to revisit the Briggs’ Plan not only to ensure that the militants do not get support from sympathizers, but also to ensure that those who are genuinely here to make Sabah home are well taken care of in terms of provisions and medical treatment.

I leave the mechanism to the authorities but this is no time to be pussy-footing. The Sabah coastline that is exposed to infiltration stretches from Kudat and all the way southeast to Tawau. Even if we deploy all 300,000 men of the police and Armed Forces, we would be stretching our resources film-thin.

in which I think his suggestion should be looked into. As he hoped, me and some more who do not want Lahad Datu situation to be dragged further, please be firm, intelligent and steadfast in making necessary decision.

We don’t need more body bags, but at the same time, we also do not want to lose our Sabahan families there.

Personally, how I wish ISA is not abolished… as from the movements of how they get here.. ISA was one of the best preventive measure..

But hey, ISA is gone because some says it is inhumane and cruel. So, for those who supported ISA to be abolished, I think, you are not qualified to comment on this matter.

At this moment, I believe… you can see the true faces of some Malaysians by his or her comments in this matter…

Question on the street: What action and preventive action can we take to avoid people crossing our borders? Even the most sophisticated USA defense could not stop non-Americans to come in.. what should we do? Oh, please include for those who love to have “fun” in Thailand. 🙂


3 thoughts on “#LahadDatu: An Event Unveiling True Face Of Some Malaysians

  1. Sdra ,izin kan saya,
    Pagi tadi saya ke pasar untuk beli lauk tengah hari,
    Ramai ,hampir 90 % terdiri dari pendatang tanah sebarang dan dah lama berniaga.
    Mereka macam make du no aja, tapi nampak ada tension sikit bila saya bernual dengan orang tempatan keturunan india .
    mereka dengan emosi tunjuk marah terrhadap insden yang mencabut nyawa 8 orang PDRM.
    Mereka frus sedih dan terpingga mengapa bolih jadi sampai nasi jadi bubur, dan tidak faham sikap pemerintah kita yang sangat baik kpd pendatang kian lama.
    Mereka geram pemerintah lambat ambil tindakkan kapada penceroboh yang telah membunuh.
    Saya ta dapat jawab, sebab, kat pasar tak bolih cerita panjang lebar, dan ini hal pemerintah yang ada kuasa ,daya, juga hak bertindak.

    ringkas nya , saya mohon izin sdra sampai kan kpd Najib :
    berhentikan segera; 1M inklusive engage liberal world view humanrights no isa,yer to demo, My govt cannot exclude any one dll. 1M4U. Tansformaci ,High income nation
    berhenti lah syiok sendiri.
    be a leader, bukan follower, berhenti ikut telunjuk orang barat.
    Jangan jadi neville chamberlain.
    Jangan jadi main game dan showman.
    Ini sudah real world.
    Wake up.
    Buktikan I am PM for all, all maana exclude penceroboh Sulu dan Moro!
    Akibat nak sangat slogan 1M, 8 sudah mati .Berapa lagi akan pergi ?

    Dan kapada mereka yang suka seronok buat demo, this is the time nak buat::
    NO TO SULU !!!!!!GET OUT!!!! DLLL punya demo.

    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

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