CNY in Penang 2013: @NajibRazak & BN Were Trying Too Hard

I was pretty much occupied for the last few days. I was so busy with my work for few days running, I made myself available for my family to make up the loss time.

However, of course, I do take note of what is happening around me. Only, I refrain myself from messing my head for such matters. Family first, other matter can come later.

So… how do we rate what had happened in Pulau Pinang?

From my point of view, despite all the hype and negative reaction from PR, BN flopped BIG TIME!

  1. Psy was called out.. but DID NOT come out to join DS Najib and others – PRICELESS;
  2. The reaction of being WAITING on the stage – PRICELESS;
  3. 3 times asking “ready for BN?” replied with 3 “No”s – PRICELESS (I do agree that there maybe saying “Yes”.. but what went viral is the “No” vids);

For me, these 3 priceless moments very much telling us that Pulau Pinang is a loss cause for BN… similar to Kelantan…

Not that I advocating that BN should put up white flag… but PLEASE look back at what had happened. Pretty much I believe that BN Pulau Pinang has their think tank and all smart ass plan lined up before the CNY celebration in Pulau Pinang. Check back what went wrong.

Here are some hint:

  1. CNY is a celebration.. a non-political one… so.. why put in “BN” and political campaign inside? ProBN despised Lim Guan Eng made political CNY address, but you can do? Where’s your brain at? Your foot?
  2. Has anyone briefed Psy and get his views and agreement before he was called out? Has he agreed to appear when he was called upon like that? Yes, you are the host, but Psy is a guest paid to perform… not paid to do as you wish!!!
  3. The panic shown on each of the VVIPs face (not to mention DS Najib’s reaction alone) showed how effective and efficient BN’s CNY plan working out. Yes, the other part of the event might went well, but IF the main event was a flop.. it is a FAILed event, even how smooth before and after the main event… Yes? No?

Feeling confident to take Pulau Pinang in GE13? Think again…

BN may think that this can be considered as one time thing… but the reactions? PRICELESS and already went viral. This priceless moments will give impact and impression to voters.

Maybe… just maybe… I think those behind the event were not prepared mentally… They forgot that Pulau Pinang is “home ground” of heavyweights of PR such as DS Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng. BN was “attacking” the fort of PR. So… was it done with smart and hard thought plan?

There are few other things or DS Najib and BN to think of:

  1. For few times already, DS Najib and BN has been trying to hard to win Malaysians heart the wrong way… who are your consultants and advisors for few flopped campaign? Has the plans and campaigns being scrutinized? Scrutinize or you will be screwed!!!
  2. For few times already DS Najib and BN trying to get chinese votes.. yet being
    “boo-ed” away like piece of sh*t. Re-think, please… 

I have the view that BN also have the brains, as what PR have…

So.. what cha gonnna do?

Question on the street: Who can show me the “Yes” vids recorded during the event?

p/s: The “No” records reminded of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan… 😛

One thought on “CNY in Penang 2013: @NajibRazak & BN Were Trying Too Hard

  1. Sudah2 la najib … buang masa dgn Cina. baik ko jaga Melayu InsyaAllah Me;ayu akan beri kemenangan. Biarkan Cina nak sgt takde menteri dlm kabinet.

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