Kalimah Allah: Official Statement From Majlis Syura Ulama PAS

Additional source: Harakah – Majlis Syura: Semua boleh guna tetapi tidakboleh terjemah nama Allah

Sourced from TG Nik Aziz’s facebook page, please find the below for readers’ reference:


The above is way much better and clear explanation from announcement made by TG Hj Hadi before.

Yes – Allah is the only God for all, believed by muslim.

No – cannot translate God to Allah in whatever language, as it will not define the exact meaning of Allah.. and thus, the translation for malay language Bible is not allowed.

Therefore, I am very much welcome the decision made by Majlis Syura Ulama PAS, in which in line with Majlis Fatwa reasoning for not allowing the translation.

To those political bozos who still want to make political issue out of this, kindly stop. This is a religion issue, not political issue.

To PAS, thank you for re-affirm the announcement made earlier. I am truly grateful for the decision made. I just wished that this was made much earlier, even before such PC was made with PR members.

To those accuse me of being UMNO cybertroopers, I forgive your wrong doing in advance. I just hope you guys please take this as a lesson learn. Having a stand similar to a political party doesn’t mean I am a cybertrooper for them.

Pretty much I am disappointed with proPR as I have stated earlier that I support hudud implementation, but yet some of you accuse me as acting and pretending to support. Please don’t let your political affiliations cloud your judgement.

Refer also to a brief explanation by TG Nik Aziz’s son in previous article.

Thank you.

Question on the street: ARE WE GETTING CLEARER ON THIS?????

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