2 thoughts on “Kalimah Allah: A Better Explanation By @nikabduh of PAS

  1. Salam.

    If we read this explanation from this website:


    we would surely understand that Allah and Al-Ilah is two different proper nouns. One is proper noun for Islamic God (Allah), while the other is also a proper noun for The God, that is used for Christian God. The Arab Bible is using Al-Ilah, rather than Allah to refer to the God.

    An excerpt from the website:

    What could be some consequences of using the common noun “al-ilaah” (the god) to refer to God? First, since the word “ilaah” is entirely Arabic, there is no introduction of some culturally confusing terminology. Every Arab knows this word can refer to a god. And when we add the definite article to it, it immediately narrows the field to a single god. But it will also cause Muslims to wonder why the Islamic term “Allah” is not used, while at the same time, help him to realize that “al-ilaah” is actually a perfectly acceptable Arabic word referring to God. This may indeed be an opportunity to share the fact that we worship different deities altogether…


    Now, we wonder why the non-Muslim, especially the Christian here demanding that the word Allah be allowed to use in their Bible?

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