#OhMyEnglish: Keep Your Nose Clean & Don’t Fuck Up

Probably, one may noticed I posted a question in my twitter. This is because, few weeks ago, I received an email, with a joke written. I had a good laugh indeed. Since it was quite some time, all I can remember is a story line, then I googled it, to share with you a similar kind of story. Perhaps, this is better, as the one I had may perceived as racists..the characters inside the story that I found use “Ah Beng”..

Ok, here goes:

Vinny and Maria get married. Vinny has this horrible habit of always picking his nose, which Maria figures she can correct once that ole ring goes on his finger.

After 2 months of marriage Maria cannot take it a minute longer and drags Vinny to a therapist. The therapist asks Vinny to wait in the outer room so Maria can speak freely.

Maria explains how Vinny’s constant picking his nose is just too much to bear any longer. And while she is at it, another thing is that Vinny will never let Maria be on top when they have sex. Maria feels it must be a control issue.

The therapist calls Vinny into the room, repeats what Maria has concerns about and asks for his input as to why he feels the need to constantly pick his nose, and always be the one on top during sex.

Vinny replies ‘When I left to come to this country, my father told me to remember 2 things: always keep your nose clean and don’t screw up’

I think some may have a good laugh and some may take heed what’s behind this story.

I can’t help but to notice that some Malaysians who are supposed to be brilliant can be idiotic just because politics.

Come on guys, few weeks ago some of you “die-die” attack Tun Mahathir for his idiom used. Even some could come out with Quranic verse etc. I wonder why you didn’t use it against your English teacher when they taught you idioms.

On Allah word issue, “Allah” is originally an arabic word, accepted in Malay Language as special name, to address God that muslims believe as “Allah”. The original translation for “God” in Malay language is “Tuhan”. If you want to translate “God” to other languages, refer to an article written before.

Sometimes, I do wonder… why some can be idiotic just because of politics? Or politics made some people dumb?

Question on the street: What does keep your nose clean and don’t screw up (or fuck up) means? Any takers?

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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