#GE13: If @abdulhadiawang Wins Against @NajibRazak, Who To Be PM???

Yes, my question is quite clear up there. IF TG Hj Hadi wins against DS Najib in Pekan this coming GE13, who will be the next Prime Minister? Should it be DS Anwar OR TG Hj Hadi?

I am well aware that Malaysian election is way different from US Presidency election. They elect their Presidents, and we elect our MPs and ADUNs.

However, the gutsy move made announced by the PAS President over the weekend have caused some stir among the BN camp and slight on PR. For proBN, they read this as “suicide” move by TG Hj Hadi. The pattern, nonetheless, in my point of view, similar to when we were heading towards the verdict of whether DS Anwar guilty or not for sodomizing Saiful Bukhari.

If one can remember, a few days before and the night before, I stressed that DS Anwar would be set free… and he did.

However, I am not saying I am an oracle or whatever. I put forth a view.. a different view.. perhaps not in agreement of many.

From the moment I heard TG Hj Hadi announced to challenge DS Najib in Pekan, I have been thinking, this is very much interesting. Not that I am excited as some who may think TG Hj Hadi is out of his mind, but I think he is doing something brilliant, a way out to prove his and PAS mettle to Pakatan Rakyat members and Malaysians.

Below will be my rationale IF TG Hj Hadi really contesting in Pekan, Pahang against DS Najib.

First, by announcing he will contest against DS Najib, the news itself had make a headline. Yes, some in negative way, but some in positive way. Some perceived is useless, but for me is worthy. Somehow, he has gained some mileage. He also has pushed up any low morale PAS members (for PAS has been ridiculed as followers and obeyed to DAP and PKR). A battle cry worth to motivate some PAS members that he and PAS should not being taken for granted.

Yes, with one announcement, he has gained some mileage, coverage and raise morale of PAS members.

Second, by his own gutsy announcement, DS Anwar and PKR member should be aware of possibilities of the surge of PAS power. For years, it has been told that DS Anwar to  be the next PM. Even it has been said that DS Najib afraid of debating DS Anwar.

However, with TG Hj Hadi contesting against DS Najib in Pekan, this is much bolder and brave move rather than just a debate. A winner of a debate may not win votes, BUT winner of this contest will win votes and route to Putrajaya.

If TG Hj Hadi wins against DS Najib, it is him to be the catalyst to Putrajaya, not DS Anwar Ibrahim. TG Hj Hadi will take the action.. not just talking like DS Anwar Ibrahim.

Thirdly, in the event TG Hj Hadi wins against DS Najib, this will ultimately shows how strong PAS is among Pakatan Rakyat members.

Some may say, this contest is more like weakening bumiputera.

However, do remember, the votes will go to a bumi leader in any way. Plus, it is a president versus a president. The weigh of such aura from both will influence other parts of the party, especially on UMNO and BN. If DS Najib loses, this will cause great damage to UMNO and BN as DS Najib has been seen as “working alone”.

If this happens in coming GE13, yes, PAS will replace UMNO (and the strength of bumi votes restored in PAS vessel). Kindly also remember, majority of bumiputera is also muslim. Between PKR and PAS, many believes PAS is much better in fighting for Islam rather than PKR.

So, based on the above, I gave 3 reasons why it is interesting.

Anyway, on the other note, many may have not realize that for Penang, DS Anwar can’t do much after GE12. Why? He let Lim Guan Eng to take the lead in Penang, and thus, gave LGE to maintain power in Penang. Seriously, I doubted for GE13, extra seats to be given for PKR or PAS member to contest in Penang. I rather believe that the main candidates will be DAP, if not for the same number of DUN seats.. or maybe more.

So, if TG Hj Hadi is being let to contest and win against DS Najib, plus the possibilities of PAS taking charge (in addition IF YB Salahuddin contest against TS Muhyiddin and also WIN)…

Will TG Hj Hadi be the next PM, should PR wins majority…

Or DS Anwar be the next Prime Minister?

Question on the street: Two PAS heavyweights to contest against top two UMNO and BN leaders… should not they being given credit and opportunity to head the Malaysian government should Pakatan Rakyat wins?


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