Pro-Aspirasi, Pro-Mahasiswa Did Not Win… Silent Majority Rules

Yes, I do mean what I write as title above. Even though it is reported Pro Aspirasi won big, but I have doubts. But not doubting the win, but doubting the support. First, let us read what the Star reports:

PETALING JAYA: The pro-establishment group, Pro-Aspirasi, has won with huge majorities in campus elections in seven public universities.

It won in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas), Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) and Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM).

In UPM, Pro-Aspirasi took 39 of the 47 seats while Pro-Mahasiswa bagged seven.

Pro-Aspirasi candidates also swept 34 of 36 seats in UUM, 18 of 20 seats in UMT, 22 of 24 in UMP and won every seat in UPNM.

Fifteen public universities held their campus elections yesterday.

Pro-Aspirasi is seen to be pro-establishment while Pro-Mahasiswa is perceived to be anti-establishment.

However, in Universiti Malaya (UM), conflicting reports have emerged about who actually won the campus elections.

Although the Pro-Mahasiswa student group claimed that it had won 22 of the 43 seats contested, edging out its rival which had 19 seats, Pro-Aspirasi insisted that it had actually won 21 while Pro-Mahasiswa only bagged 20.

Two more seats were tied between the two groups.

Marwan Kahar, chairman of Penggerak Mahasiswa, which is in the UM’s Pro-Aspirasi camp, claimed that the Pro-Mahasiswa supporters had jumped the gun in declaring their win.

“Of the 22 candidates they claim are theirs, two candidates are actually independent.

“We’ll leave these two candidates to decide which side they’ll be on,” he said.

However, Pro-Mahasiswa alleged that their rivals actually only garnered 17 seats instead of 19 because the other two seats were won by independents.

The UM campus polls results are unofficial as it is subject to a 24-hour objection period and a further 24-hour appeal period.

The final results will only be known tomorrow.

In Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Pro-Mahasiswa won 18 out of the 28 seats while Pro-Aspirasi bagged 10.

Pro-Aspirasi won most of the 45 seats contested in the three Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) campuses in Penang and Kelantan.

At the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), deputy rector (Student Affairs) Datuk Dr Mizan Hitam said the election results could not be formally announced due to a technical problem during the e-voting process.

“Some votes were not captured due to the incomplete encryption process,” he said, adding that a re-election exercise was expected to be carried out in a week’s time.

Okay, earlier, the Star also has reported that a number of 198 seats uncontested, and 150 of it won by Pro Aspirasi. Yes, by that number, Pro Aspirasi already have a huge advantage, and by right, should won the Campus Election. So, as I said earlier, I do not doubt the win, as by technical and logical, Pro Aspirasi should win.

However, under the circumstances that 198 seats uncontested, which I believe and hoped for good reasons, does not reflect that the number of students given 100% support or vote to the winner of the seat.

Seriously, if the uncontested seats is less than 50 or 100, we can make better conclusions, but 198 seats is a big number. One can hardly tell if majority of support goes to Pro Aspirasi (which in a way a picture of “young” BN) or Pro M (a picture of “young” PR) as their votes were not casted.

Therefore, for me, even though technically Pro Aspirasi won, but to indicate the support of young Malaysians swings to BN is too early to say.

Let us learn on what happened to PR, as they were so much in confident that they have the votes of younger generation, and was, in a way, hoping it was reflected in Campus Election. It is more ironic, on the day Pro M lose, and the UM poll looked balanced, UM survey was said to say that support for BN went down.

So, based on these scenarios and circumstances, I would say silent majority still rules, in which we will not know until the end of the day of GE13.

Until that happens, please do not say you (either BN or PR) have the younger generation support. Technically both of BN and PR have it.. it is just the matter of respecting who wins, and the loser should not whine saying actually they have the majority support. Yes, the not winning candidate have the support, even there is only one vote, but do respect the winner.

Hopes on the street: May we have healthy and better campaigns in GE13.. seriously, we are still being feed with hatred and flaws.. not solutions to improve things. 🙂


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