#BPL MatchDay 5: Liverpool, Man United, Man City & Arsenal… “Syaitan Merah” Take The Lead..

Starting from today onwards, this is what I am going to do – post an article in relation to English Premier League (and hopefully I can get better grasp on Malaysian football scene than I do now.. in which way worse than I knew once the players back then. Perhaps it is due to poor performance at one time by our boys in the local leagues and international matches. And yes, I admit that I should not abandon to follow our local football scene). It is hoped too that this can consistent as what I do for my Tazkirah Jumaat.

Last weekend we had a double dose of big matches – Liverpool versus Manchester United at Anfield, and Manchester CIty versus Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium. But first, let us take a look at the results of Gameweek 5:

With just 5 games, Man Utd already have 2 points lead. Yes, it is still early, as one can remember that last year, Arsenal and Spurs were in deep trouble, yet finished 3rd and 4th on final day.

Let’s talk about the early game on Sunday – The Reds vs Red Devils (or I prefer to use now as “Syaitan Merah” due to some smart alec who pretend to be an idiot from an idiom just to get some political mileage, stupid but yet somehow effective to turn some pious people who have poor understanding in English.. pity them.. siapalah nak tanggung dosa menipu ni?)

Liverpool – despite having a bad start, worse than suffered by Arsenal last season who got schooled by Man Utd (and forced Arsene Wenger to buy some players.. ah, blessing in disguise) commanded a good control of the game, despite having one player sent off due to stupidity (or anger management problem?). It was 1-0 when Liverpool already playing 10 men.. so, in that terms, they played well. Even, when Man Utd scored the equaliser, I think it was a good goal too.

Of course, after that equalizing goal, referee’s decisions become the talking points. In some occasions, the ref do look like the 12th Syaitan Merah. 

However, even if RvP got sent off for a lunge, I don’t think Liverpool had the chance to claw one back. The players looked exhausted, with Kelly and Johnson running up and down attacking and defending. Luiz Suarez? I didn’t know where he is during the last few minutes.

As for Man City versus Arsenal, I have to say, it was a really good match. Arsenal do look different and proven their transformation is working well. With the promotion of Steve Bould as assistant manager, he does help Arsene Wenger to build up the defence that Arsenal had. 1-1 is a fair result, and I do hope that Arsenal will start to build up as contenders. As for Man City, from my point of view, they have not playing to their potential just yet. After 5 games, between the 4 forwards, I think Tevez is the only player playing close to his full potential.. and others yet to find form.

However, it will be interesting if all 4 find their forms.. as at their peak, none of them like to play less. Will we see another drama at Etihad? There are 33 BPL games to go for this season, so, the time will come..

Question on the street: When will Liverpool get their first BPL win this season?

You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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