Euro 2012: The End Of First Matches… Who Is Your Champion?

The first matches for each team in the Euro 2012 has ended, with the co-host nation – Ukraine won against Sweden. Below are the current standings, after all teams played their first match:

I’m pretty sure, among the seeded teams, those supporting Holland must be more worried than those supporting Portugal. Why? Simple – the early odds more favourable to Holland and Germany to qualify to the next round. Losing to Denmark was one of the early tournament “shocker”, beside seeing Russia thrashed Czech 4-1.

I know it is still early, but with the result of first matches, most of the teams must be thinking and reassess their chances of qualifying to the next round of 8.

For Group A, OnDaStreet predicts that Russia will qualify alongside Greece. It is not that I don’t think for a possibility for co-host Poland to qualify, but considering the sequence of match versus Russia played a role in the prediction. With current form, and last match result, Poland ought to perform better than the first match and not let go goal in dying minutes, after having leading for some time.

For Group B, OnDaStreet choice to qualify will be Germany and Portugal. Holland? An outside chance, especially they have to beat the Germans in the second match. It is a daunting task, in which can change the course of the pressure within the group. Denmark? Although my guts saying that they will beat Portugal, but I am yet to convinced by own guts considering the performance given on the pitch in the first match.

Group C – the odds will be still for Spain and Italy to qualify. Yes, they started with a draw, but both have performed at high level. Both defense and keepers being tested. Croatia might have to settle for third.

As for Group D… hmm.. OnDaStreet opted to choose England and France to qualify. Yes, France has a better chance, but watching how England performed last night, I don’t think Rooney won’t be playing JUST one match in Euro 2012. All they need now is not to lose in the second match, and win the last game.

Based on the teams that OnDaStreet has chosen to qualify and with impression of status quo of performance given, the champion would be….

Spain to retain the title… just waiting Torres to be himself back again.

However, this may subject to change, as the assessment made is just based on the first match. 🙂


Question for all pundits out there: Who is your champion for Euro 2012?



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