Online TV in Youtube: Alternatives to TV3 For Information, @NajibRazak, @anwaribrahim???

I can’t help but to notice there are growing numbers of TV channels in youtube providing informations on current issues. Is it a good development or not? Should be this be a sign and proof that we have options other than TV3?

In my opinion, yes, this is a good development. This development is a living proof that prime media (TV and newspapers) is just another option for news and information. As technology eases flow of information and news, fast paced challenges to earn for living, many opted for unconvetional media to get updated. Therefore, newspapers and TV eventually facing tough challenges and have to look for options.

Let us look for online TVs using youtube as one of the platforms: –

Pas TV

Isma TV

KL Pos


Agenda Daily

Warta Rakyat

These are among of online medium that provided news. Every single of them have different kind of montage and presentations. Some are still developing, some are making improvements (especially on the montage), but still, the key is the content of the news and reports.

At least now, we can’t really say we don’t have the options for news. It is up to yourself to look for information. If you decide to just depend on a source and disregard to others, up to you. OnDaStreet encourage all to be fair to ownself, by really listen, read and look for every angle possible.


Question on the street: How fair have you been to yourself in getting news and information?



You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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