A Simple Guide For How To Spin PKR’s “Bertam Nite” Issue After #HBN2012

This is not my usual way of posting the frequency of doing a posting. However, I can’t help myself or refrain myself from posting this. This is because, at as the point of time I want to post this article, none of those critics during the HBN 2012 dare to do the same for what had happened during PKR’s “Bertam Nite” (considering how fast they gave their critics for the K-Pop issue). 

Many criticized the K-Pop performance during the Million Youth Gathering 2012 ago. Many came up with Islamic views and condemned BN, KBS, and the organizers for that K-Pop concert, but none condemned the concert held on the last day, which features Search.

Now, since what could be seen in PKR’s “Bertam Nite” is not far off different from what have been performed by the Koreans during the HBN 2012 ago, pretty much it is hard for the same PR critics to critic what has happened in their own event. Let us watch why is it hard for them:

Now, how the PR critics can get away with this, especially PAS members and pro to PAS? Here are some suggestions:

  • PAS has advised PKR and DAP for not having the performance or any performance that is similar to what was done in Millions Youth Gathering;
  • PAS is not aware that the performance of such would be stage during the “Bertam Nite”;
  • PAS was asked to leave the hall when the performance was about to start;
  • None of muslim guest in the hall were there during the performance;
  • All muslim guest has been advised to leave when the performance was about to start;

AND, the two most favourite and classic spin:

  • This is all conspiracy and “fitnah” by UMNO and Barisan Nasional;
  • This is all UMNO and Barisan Nasional’s doing. We do not invite those dancers!!!

All the best in trying to spin the issue. 🙂

Question on the street: Which spin will you choose?



You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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