#HBN2012 Drag Incident: Sheer Stupidity From The Organiser???

I could not say much, and I believe any media can’t do much if want to cover up this guys’s sheer stupidity and arrogance. Just read what he wrote on his facebook wall, for people to read:

Notice how he addressed the issue? Seriously, even if all people in the world involved in the accident do not blame him, OTHERS will blame him.

Just look at how he ended his note:

So gangster, and certainly, he invites attacks from all angle to DS Ahmad Shabery and KBS for his sheer arrogance and stupidity. Is this what you wrote as OFFICIAL statement? Is this the kind of language you give in OFFICIAL statement?

My advise? Even if you are not guilty, even if the victims do not put the blame on you, KINDLY be modest in your OFFICIAL statement. Not to mention please use GOOD English, NOT POOR English (oh your English!!!)

I bet anyone trying to cover this guy will having hard time. For those interested, GOOD LUCK!!!

Question on the street: Is it ARROGANCE, STUPIDITY, ANGER or mixture of all that made him release that kind of OFFICIAL statement?


2 thoughts on “#HBN2012 Drag Incident: Sheer Stupidity From The Organiser???

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