Portuguese Primeira Liga club Beira Mar signs Nazmi

Finally, another talent signed and hopefully will shine in Europe:

KUALA LUMPUR: Nazmi Faiz Mansor created Malaysian football history when he landed a three-year contract with Portuguese Primeira Liga club Beira Mar yesterday.

Nazmi Faiz MansorNazmi Faiz Mansor

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The 17-year-old signed terms with the club following a successful trial and is set to become the first Malaysian to play in the top flight of a major European league.
His agent, Marco Guimaraes, confirmed the deal.

“Nazmi has signed a three-year contract to play for Beira Mar’s first team. I cannot reveal more,” said Guimaraes when contacted yesterday.

Nazmi’s signing means he will no longer play with the Young Tigers A in the Singapore League though he will continue to turn out for the national Under-22 team.

The talented midfielder will link up with his national teammates in Hungary this week where the national juniors are undertaking a European tour in preparation for the AFC Under-22 Championship qualifiers in Myanmar next month.

Read more: Portuguese club signs Nazmi – Top News – New Straits Times http://www.nst.com.my/top-news/portuguese-club-signs-nazmi-1.86422#ixzz1vYY0Z02Z

Of course this is a significant event in our football history. Certainly Nazmi’s name will be one of the first to mention in the future (insyaAllah) when discussing Malaysian talents playing abroad. I hope will shine, put a landmark and open up some more doors for other Malaysians to play abroad, similar like what Titus James and Akmal Rizal Rakhli had the chance to.

Well done. Hopefully the three years’ contract will be fully utilized and fill up with many first team performance, which leads to longer stay in Europe football scene.

All the best and good luck!!!

Question on the street: When can we expect more Malaysian lads to go for trial in Europe and get signed?


4 thoughts on “Portuguese Primeira Liga club Beira Mar signs Nazmi

  1. tahniah nazmi!

    cant wait to check this kid appears in upcoming fifa13 on ps3,

    ini berita yang sgt menggembirakan saya.

    btwn,cant wait utk lihat liga bola malaysia jadi pure club footballs.

    maju terus nazmi.

    brother onda, hang rajin2 la tulis pasal sports kat sini..

    asyik politik saja malaysia nie dari 2008…depa semua nie tak reti penat ka??
    kah kah kah

    1. In your absence bro, I have written not just on politics.. even on our fresh grad matters also I’ve touch. Not to forget, Tazkirah. However, of course, in between I was also quite occupied.

      Anyway, always interested to write about football especially… cuma nanti lebih jadi OnDa PITCH, bukan OnDa Street 😛

      Nice suggestion, especially Euro 2012 just few days away. 🙂

      1. hehehe..

        saya sokong ada kan special section named as “ondapitch”

        i tell u what…ur blog sy boleh katakan 2,3 hari sekali saya jenguk,
        but jrg2 lah nak komen..unlike before hehehe

        malaysian politics getting worst day by day,

        but at times ada jugak things yang lucu..

        serious selalu sgt pun tak elok bro..

        thanks for the tazkirah yang sy rasa brother onda istiqamah sekali menulis nye..

        selamat berhimpun kepada mat mat belia..kah kah kah..amik peluang yang ada..
        jangan merusuh sudah

        1. Bro,
          Indeed, at certain quarters, certain things, saya juga dah muak dengan cara dua-dua belah spin isu. Macam dah tak takut dosa fitnah. More like matlamat menghalalkan cara.

          However, suffice to say, for this blog, sebanyak mana pun artikel yang berkaitan dengan politik yang ditulis, saya bersyukur ramai yang masuk ke laman blog ini untuk membaca tazkirah-tazkirah yang telah dikongsikan.

          InsyaAllah, saya akan cuba banyakkan artikel yang tidak berkaitan dengan politik sangat.. walaupun sebenarnya terkadang itu bukan unsur politik yang cuba ditonjolkan, tetapi disebabkan keadaan semasa, ianya nampak seperti politik. 🙂

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