Straits Times (Singapore): Fresh graduates not suitable and are ‘liabilities’, says Malaysian employers

Below are the excerpts of what Straits Times Singapore reported:

KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Employers consider fresh graduates liabilities as many require additional training before they can perform.

Companies would rather hire experienced and skilled professionals who can bring instant returns, said Kelly Services marketing director for Singapore and Malaysia Jeannie Khoo.

She said employers felt many fresh graduates lacked communication skills and spoke poor English and needed to improve before they could add value to the business.

‘This means additional costs for the company. Employers are looking for people who can hit the ground running,’ she said after launching the Kelly Services Professional and Technical Salary Guide 2012 here yesterday.

Are our fresh graduates really not up to a standard for an employment? Are our fresh graduates that pathetic?

Or actually, many employers are not willing to develop their own staff to be a better employees? It sounds like many employers are taking short cuts in getting employers that have been developed by others by offering just a little bit increment.

Actually, pitching staff from other companies and low increment to own staff have been trending, despite some employers recording huge profits.

That is why, nowadays, it is hard to retain a staff, as they are bogged down by low increment and more workload as employers refuse to take in fresh graduates in their company. These experience staff will find a way out, by looking for other employers who can give them better salary. Of course, these kind of staff will help the new employer by hit the ground and running straight away.

I know that there are some good companies that are taking well care of their employees by good benefits and training for their own development. For those kind of employers, keep on doing a good job. I am certain you’ll find loyalty from your employees which are hardly to get nowadays.

Developing fresh graduates need to be in the mind of employers as they are the future assets if employers do take the necessary actions. Human capital now is much more valuable rather than assets that mostly depreciates.

In a very much radical statement that I would say, many employers are contributors towards unbalanced work-life routine, low pay with high workload and leading to huge number of unemployment.

As for the fresh graduates, this article also does not mean backing up you guys. You guys also need to buck up. Yes, among of you are poor in English and lacked in communication, even in Bahasa Malaysia. I know, partly some of you are nervous during interviews, but hey, those interviewers are also human. Why need to be nervous to a human who yet to know how good you are?

Question on the street: How many fresh graduates will grab opportunity that may arise during Millions Youth Gathering 2012?


2 thoughts on “Straits Times (Singapore): Fresh graduates not suitable and are ‘liabilities’, says Malaysian employers

  1. and then when these companies finally hired a worker, they pay peanuts and expect instant return. bad businesses are going down, sooner or later.

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