BERSIH 3.0: Listen To What @cmlimguaneng Once Said…

Dear pro BERSIH 3.0,

I would like to attract your attention to what Mr Lim Guan Eng once said (Refer to minute to 2:15 until 2.52

What did he say when asked about light and right spectrum of civil societies on their views?

He said:

What we have done is we continously engage civil societies, but I think, you must remember that we finally make the decisions. We obtain inputs from various sectors, but it does not mean that just because we do not listen to you 100%, that means we are wrong.

Then, the moderator asked whether these civil societies can accept that. What did he respond?

Perhaps, they can’t accept that, and I think (for them), we have to listen 100%. So, I would say that we can not be listening to one group all the time, or neither can we afford to listen to one group all the time…

Hmm.. interesting indeed, whereby as a leader of a state, he acknowledge that a government does not necessarily have to listen 100%  to civil societies suggestions and demands.

I know, his statement is in regards to his Penang state matters, but it shows that how certain things and decisions are made after taking into considerations and studies. However, in a way, it also implies to the management of Federal Government and other state goverments.

Focusing on BERSIH 3.0, this campaign is being planned in regards to certain demands that are not met by current ruling government. As explained many times by SPR, the demands are not focused on SPR. For example, bribe is an action by political and non political motives. I’m pretty sure, if you can read the news every day, those reported are not 100% political, and does not limit to Barisan Nasional only.

Even the special committee that have been set up also have considered 18 suggestions out of 22, in which it is a 81% agreeable from all the 22 suggestions, which also included members of Pakatan Rakyat. And in regards to this not 100% fulfullment, listen back to what Mr Lim Guan Eng said in regards to implementing 9 out of 10 suggestion (minute 6:45 to 7:13). Although he blamed and accused these NGOs to be UMNO owned (in which I don’t agreeable to make easy assumptions), what he asked for? He asked for civil society to be rationale.

Same applies to BERSIH 3.0 demands. It is not we do not want better and cleaner elections, but please do it in amicable way.

Please, do not make as if the elections we have so far are so dirty, that Pakatan Rakyat cannot even win few states. If the past elections were so damn dirty, I don’t think Pakatan Rakyat have any chance for more seats in Parliament and controlling few states.

Please be rationale, as what Mr Lim once suggested to civil society based on Penang issues.


Question on the street: Should the demand to be fulfilled 100%, and can be considered as the election will be 100% clean? And, how can we consider the past elections where Pakatan Rakyat has won? Those ones are the only clean elections? Where’s your logic and sense?





You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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