Million Youths Gathering 2012: Will There Be Any Flash Mob???

Earlier this year, there was a flash mob done by MAS (is this Datuk Tony Fernandes’ idea.. or somebody else.. I don’t know).

It was an interesting one indeed.

I also noticed some others done here in Malaysia from some of the youtube videos. Will we ever see one there in Putrajaya?

I certainly hope so… it will interesting, if suddenly, you are in the middle of the flash mob done, something like this:

Or this (of course without the romance part):

Oh well… I can just imagine. I wonder if there’s any youth has the guts to do it in Putrajaya during this Million Youth Gathering 2012. Just less than two months to the event, so, I supposed if there is any, I hope it will a good one.. and of course, a good exposure too. Large crowd, with millions pair of eyes to witness all the talent,

Question on the street: How is the preparation so far?


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