Pre GE13: Bloggers’ Ranking… Does It Matter To Win Election???

Reading dinturtle’s piece reminded me back when I wrote Pre GE13: Psywar & Cy-war… Is Really BN & UMNO Having The Upper Hand??? about rankings and distribution of messages. 

The “ranking-phoria” was also added by the opening of DS Najib’s facebook account named “Ah Jib Gor”. Funny, within less few times taken, Ah War Gor trounced Ah Jib Gor. Too early to call for a victory?

I was more eager to write when reading an article by Cucu Tok Selampit quoting from a simple survey saying Tun Dr Mahathir is the most influential Malaysian politician in Facebook. If we consider Tun Dr Mahathir alone, yes, he is the most influential.

However, when adding up the total by individual and number from the top 25, Pakatan Rakyat has more individual and numbers (excluding Tun Dr Mahathir). Pakatan Rakyat have 15 individual, Barisan Nasional has 6 (minus Tun Dr Mahathir) and those not in Pakatan Rakyat line up – 3. By numbers Pakatan Rakyat has 1,994,609, Barisan Nasional (excluding Tun Dr Mahathir) 1,040,409 and non Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional (33,655).

Ok, why do I exclude Tun Dr Mahathir? He is already retired and by normal circumstances, being the oldest indivdual, he may not have any words to say after his death due to age factor. Plus, I am sure that not all 1,538,804 likes will not go to each and every Barisan Nasional leaders.


Same goes to Out of 100, how many of those pro Barisan Nasional, pro Pakatan Rakyat and those of fence sitters and neutrals? Where do Tun Dr Mahathir’s and DS Anwar Ibrahim blogs ranked?

If one argue that by numbers showed that many people visited the blog, yes, I can’t argue with that. However, how certain many really read the content? How is your writing influence the reader (in the event the visitor read what you wrote)?

The most important matter is for any blog that’s taking sides.. how many of those visitor you have, are fence sitters and neutrals, that come to you, finish reading and then can decide that they will vote for the side you are with based on what you put in your blog? How sure are you that majority of the hits you get are not from your own circle of friends, that are very certain the hardcore of Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat?

My advice to those bumped into this blog by accident or not, read both sides to get bigger picture. Read whatever you want, but without prejudice. Be fair to yourself.

The number of blog hits does not dictate the number of true followers and votes. It just telling you how many come to you and see your stuff.

Again, be fair to yourself by reading both sides without prejudice.

And I pray that when the time comes, you will vote based on rationale, not anger or driven by hatred after fair reading.


Question on the street: If you visit Amenoworld‘s or Papa Gomo‘s blog, what actually do you want to see?



3 thoughts on “Pre GE13: Bloggers’ Ranking… Does It Matter To Win Election???

    1. They already done with their promotion when claiming having thousands of hits per day. Even without me promoting them, they can promote themselves better than I am.

      However, I would like to attract writers and readers of political issues’ attention to ask ownself… what do you seek in writing or reading a content.. and how actually that content bring a vote closer or further.


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