Pre GE13: DS Najib v DS Anwar Debate

I read a twit yesterday on urging for a debate between DS Najib and DS Anwar.

It is interesting indeed if the debate goes on. However, I responded asking the rationale for the debate.

They responded by saying the debate is important because want to see Malaysia to have value politics, debating on policies, Malaysians issues; referring to developed nations.

The answer was somekind of expected. Why? Pakatan Rakyat (especially PKR) have been trying to take as much as possible the structure from developed nations, especially United States.

Of course, I understand that that is the current practice by certain developed nations, especially United States. They have presidential candidate debates, in which it is interesting everytime they have it. It is always exciting to see how the candidates debate, questioning and answering.

However, the acceptance and culture there is different from here in Malaysia. In the United States, they are professional. They have mutual respect and able to respond in a good manner. In Malaysia, it is different. Yes, maybe between DS Najib and DS Anwar, they can debate professionally and with good manner.

However, as we move to lower level, the acceptance and pratical of good debate is very much grey and uncertain. Not many are able to engage and debate in good manner. Many are able to criticize,  but not able to receive and react well to criticism.

This is why, although I would like to see a debate between DS Najib and DS Anwar, I think many are not ready for it. Wanting it and ready for it is a different matter. For example, many young couples want to get married, but not many ready for it (thus leading to family problems and possible divorce). The same goes to those want for the debate to materialised. From my point of view, many are not ready for it. Why?

Since the proposal for the debate coming from Pakatan Rakyat, I don’t think they are really ready for it. Simple reason, many pro Pakatan Rakyat cannot handle debates through twitters. Many of them block those who they cannot answer and debate. Sadly to say, even DS Anwar himself blocking some twits who asked and want to debate with him.

Rest assured, that debates is not exclusive for leaders between leaders. Debates can be done at any level. The only difference is the manner of the debate. Is it a healthy one or leading to unhealthy debate? A healthy one will lead to improvements and positive changes. Unhealthy one will lead to discomfort, enemies, hatred and many negative effects.

And do remember, the debate is not just between the debators. The effect will also goes to the supporters, the audience and those who follow the debate from far. By forums done so far since GE12 up until now, many of the crowd are not ready for it.

Therefore, should this debate goes on, I would like to see it, but not now as many are not ready for it.

And since the proposal coming from pro Pakatan Rakyat, I urged for Pakatan Rakyat twitters to unblock all twitter profiles and give a space for debates in the FREE social media.


Question on the street: If they are not able to debate and face criticism  thus, leading to blocking on social media… imagine what can be done when they have control over all media in Malaysia?


You are part of people on the street. My opinion might not as good as yours. Come, please share your thoughts with us!!!

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